10 November 2012 @ 09:49 pm
video feed - open  
[the feed turns on to show a skyscraper in the middle of New York city ... the name emblazoned at the top is just visible in the evening dark, but slowly lights begin to come on from the ground up, in sections. chunks of floor light up, and finally the name itself flickers on:


Cut for transcription length, because, well, Tony talks a lot. And Pepper talks a... little. Comparatively. )
28 August 2012 @ 01:03 am
006 ✪ [Video]  
[Video feed shows Coulson as normal: no mini skirt, no fancy poses. Just a fairly serious looking man in a black suit and tie.

He doesn't look terribly pleased. At all. He clears his throat.]

All right, let's get it out of the way. Yes. I ran around crime-fighting in a miniskirt. So if you'd like to have a laugh about it, or there's a joke you've been saving, please, let's hear it now. Get it out of our systems.

Obviously it was not my choice. The community and its viruses got me. My luck ran out.

Few things right off the bat: No I do not plan on ever wearing a skirt again. Yes, I do, in fact, have very nice legs. So I'm sure it's a waste. Tragedy. We'll all have to come to terms with it and move on with our lives.

Apologies all around for awkwardness. ...lots of apologies.

I... I'm going to go do paperwork. In the basement. For the rest of the year.
19 August 2012 @ 01:04 am
005 ✪ [Video]  
[It's a video feed. A very dramatic video feed. There is a shadow in silhouette, but instead of the moon behind him, it's very obviously artificial light, probably a spotlight up on some helicopter pad. SHIELD installations are well-equipped.

A breeze picks up, and an equally dramatic rush of papers fly by, what little can be seen are obviously classified reports, much of the information redacted.

The silhouette steps forward then, and there's really no mistaking Coulson.

Except he's not in a suit. He's in a very short skirt. Black. Still wearing a tie though. Some things are a universal constant.]

There's obviously some evil plot going on now. Some sinister scheme that we're only seeing the beginnings of.

But know this!

Wherever evil is lurking, I will find it! I am...

The sailor soldier of Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics!
Sailor SHIELD!

[And he strikes a pose, though it's much more "gun drawn and aimed at the camera" than anything else.]

In the name of SHIELD
I will debrief you!
08 July 2012 @ 06:06 pm
004 ✪ [Video -- accidental video broadcast]  
[When this little video broadcast starts damn magic vlog, it's completely obvious that Coulson is unaware that he's on camera.

In a shocking twist of events, the agent has shed both his black suit coat and the usual tie. In fact, his dress shirt's sleeves are rolled up, first few buttons undone.

He is cutting loose, people. The scene is a sparsely but efficiently furnished kitchen. Coulson's back is turned for the moment, but he's humming.

It's probably a familiar song. Happy Birthday to yooouuu, Happy Birthday to yooouuu. Or well, to him.

As he turns around, he's holding a small plate. On said small plate is a little cupcake -- frosted in rings of red, white and blue. It might be themed. Shhhh. On top of the cupcake is one solitary lit candle.

He settles himself into a seat, sets the cupcake in front of him, finishes his humming, shuts his eyes, makes a wish, blows out the candle and then... notices that he's being watched.

Damn it. He covers the camera with his palm and sighs.]

This can't be that interesting. This network needs better hobbies.
29 June 2012 @ 09:00 pm
003 ✪ [Video]  
I thought there might be a fair amount of interest in the latest news around this place. So I'm sharing, now that I have something to share.

Now that we have him.

[There is a definite edge of nervousness in his voice, his posture. Not over the broadcast, but rather, he's fretting, worried and a bit anxious for an outcome that is still unknown.]

Recently quite a few of us witnessed Captain Steve Rogers's final broadcast when his aircraft went down during his last mission. This was several decades in the past from where I am.

SHIELD has been working at locating the wreckage from the crash. And we've found it. We've found him. Frozen in ice in the arctic.

[A brief moment where he steps aside and the video shows what looks like a fairly sophisticated medical setup, a lot of movement of people, rushing, bustling around a table, figure on it barely visible in the commotion and even then, motionless. He's quick to shift the video's view though. This is classified guys. Shhh.]

It's probably too early to be hopeful or expect things to end well, but based on Captain Rogers's physiology, it's possible that after he thaws... he could still be alive. It's, realistically, a long shot.

But it's Steve. And if anyone can...

At the very least, we can bring him home. [For a hero's burial if nothing else.]

I'll try to keep everyone updated. I'll be keeping an eye on him. [He's going to go watch him sleep now, ok? Ok.]
13 May 2012 @ 02:02 am
002 ✪ [Video -- thoroughly accidental video]  
[Coulson is staring intently at the computer screen. Very intently. In fact, this may be the most serious that he's ever looked -- which is saying something. The man doesn't do much that isn't serious.]


[The word is muttered to himself, brow furrowed.] Just about... There!

[And now, seriousness is replaced with absolute triumph. A kid who just got exactly what he asked for from Santa. Fiddling and a sheet prints. It's an order confirmation, straight off of eBay, winning bid. As he holds it up to the light read it's quite visible: Complete series: Captain America trading cards, original printing, near mint condition.

There's a bit of a grin starting on his face as he suddenly realizes he's sharing this. The expression fades entirely, and he pauses.]

...this is research. [And then he hurries to turn the video off.]
30 April 2012 @ 11:28 pm
001 ✪ [Video]  
[The face that appears is the face of a man who hasn't had a day off in a very, very long time. It's the face of a man whose tolerance for nonsense is as lacking as color in his wardrobe. It's the face of a man who... isn't quite sure what he's looking at.]

So let me get this straight here. This is an interdimensional internet.

As if the internet weren't already bad enough. Well, all right. SHIELD does need to know about this. Monitor it. Keep an eye on it.

It could be useful. It could be trouble. Could go either way. I'd say which my money was on, but I'm not a betting man.

[He frowns and wonders if maybe he should have typed this instead. Video blogging. Him. What was the world coming to?]

Regardless. Consider the network monitored now. Closely.