15 December 2010 @ 11:13 pm
Finally found a place where the neighbors won't bitch about playing music too loud. Now I can get back to getting my life back in order and not have to list to Linna bitch about how I live.

Looks like Christmas is coming up fast. Not exactly my favorite holiday, but hey, hope you guys enjoy it.
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28 November 2010 @ 06:06 pm
Back dated a little  
Glad that insanity is all over. It was a pain in the ass having to come up with an excuse to explain why a machine that has no BOOMER core started attacking someone.

Anyway, turns out my band-mates are back in town, our favorite night club is open again, and I've written some new material. So, needless to say, we have a concert coming in a week. Anyone here is welcome to come. It will be at the club Hot Legs in Mega Tokyo.
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19 November 2010 @ 05:47 pm
[voice post]  
[You hear a motorcycle engine rev up come very close and there is a long series of curses. The engine revs up again, and then there is the sound of someone running. A door slams shut and there is a loud bang. You can still hear the engine, but it is muffled now.]

Would some one like to tell me why my own damn motorcycle is trying to run me over!?
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21 October 2010 @ 11:29 pm
[Accidental audio post via cellphone]  
[There is the hum of a motorcycle engine as it slows down and finally stops.]

What the...

[Next to follow is a long stream of curses coming from Priss. Guess who just discovered their trailer didn't survive the whole BOOMER incident that took over Mega Tokyo not too long ago.]
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15 October 2010 @ 07:45 pm
[Accidental audio post]  
[There is a lot of static and wind, but soon you can hear Priss singing. It's not very clear, like she is not near the mic.]

ooc cut for youtube video )

((ooc: And that wraps up Priss's canon. She'll only be replying to voice posts.)
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13 October 2010 @ 11:01 pm
[Video post]  
[You see Priss in her hardsuit, with the visor up so you can see her face. In the background, you can see two other women in similar armor, one red the other green, talking with a BOOMER that is normal. It looks like they are on the bridge of some kind of shuttle.

[Priss frowns at the camera.] Figures... I wanted to check up on something else and I get this place. [She's speaking in a low voice so that the others behind her don't notice what she is doing.

[She sighs some] Might as well make the most of it since I have a few hours to kill... You know that warning I gave not too long ago? The one about keeping away from Mega Tokyo? It still stands. The whole city is abandoned and with good reason.

In fact, if you don't hear back from me in the next two days or so, chances are, I'm never coming back on the community. Things just keep getting worse and worse here.

[She reaches over and turns off the camera.]

(ooc: wrapping up Priss's canon. She will be tagging back though.]
02 October 2010 @ 10:12 am
[Accidental audio post from Priss's cellphone]  
[An automatic door opens, followed by the sounds of someone working on machinery. The work stops, leaving the only background noise of some tapping on a computer keyboard. Someone, who sounds like a teenage boy, speaks up.]

Hey! Priss!

I count five BOOMERs here. Does that mean you're making five hardsuits.

Are you kidding? All these are just for one suit.

Just one? [Priss sounds mildly surprised at that.]

These suits will use the new things we learned about the BOOMER metal to allow the wearer to exert conscious control over the suits actual form. But, since they're prototypes, they're going to be twenty times as heavy as the old hardsuits were.

Twenty times? Damn...

The power has been increased as well. Hey! Does that mean you decided to wear a hardsuit again?

I don't believe I said that, did I? [And she sounds slightly annoyed at that. Then another woman's voice chimes in.]

Bet you're tempted, aren't you? Hi Priss~ Pretty snazzy huh? [There is the sound of some heavy footsteps, like someone wearing armor and the woman goes into detail about the improved features of the suit. And the voice of an older man joins in giving more info on the new features.]

However, the biggest difference between these and the earlier ones is... Heh... Well you'll see it with you're own eyes.

I don't like the way you smile when you say that...

Sylia had us install some new features into these hardsuits, but we're not sure they'll work yet. That's all.

I guess I'll find out... Huh? Don't look so prissy. You know you want one~

I see some draw backs...

And what might those be?

Having to shave some strange places.

Huh? Oh my god! I didn't know that was transparent! When were you going to tell me that you little pervert!?

[The last you hear are the teenage boys stuttering, trying to come up with an excuse, and Priss laughing a little.]

((OOC notes: italic font is Mackey, bold italic is Linna, bold is Nigel, and normal font is Priss. Just another canon move. I'll probably be wrapping up Priss's canon soon.))
20 September 2010 @ 05:28 pm
I probably shouldn't have to say anything about this, since no one comes to my world. But, since this place has a bad habit of posting unintended videos, I'll do it anyway to be on the safe side.

No matter what kind of videos that are shown from my world in the future, don't come here. Things are getting pretty damn bad when BOOMERs, whom had their cores ripped out, reactivate on their own and take over the AD Police building.
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25 August 2010 @ 12:52 pm
[Accidental video post. dated tol later this evening.]  
ooc cut for Youtube video. )

Important OOC Note )
22 August 2010 @ 08:00 pm
Calling for a worldhop  
Hey, I need a worldhop to where ever that dumbass Zapp whats-his-face is. The guy pissed me off, so I'm going to do everyone a favor and break his neck, paralyzing him so that he can't get it up anymore. Anyone else want to join me on the beat down is welcomed to it.

((This is what happens when you push Priss too far. Sorry Zapp. :X))
11 August 2010 @ 04:26 pm
[anonymous video post; IP traceable with skill]  
[The person in this video should look very familiar to a lot of you. Mop of blond hair, ice blue eyes, black leather attire. He sneers at the camera, his expression equal parts confidence and contempt.]

It seems that word of my demise has been greatly exaggerated. ["Mello" pushes a strand of blond hair behind his ear, showing off his scar.] Nice to know you all have such faith in my abilities.

[His expression softens a bit.] Come on, guys. Did you really think I was gonna die that easily? I've always got a trump card up my sleeve...

[He flicks his gloved hand forward and the Joker appears between his fingers. He grins at the camera once more before the feed cuts out.]

((OOC: Just to clarify. Icons are invisible. Genius hackers should be able to figure out that this isn't being sent through Mello's phone or computer. Envy knows that Mello is dead, but not how he died, or about the video post he made. Envy doesn't care if anyone figures out who he is, he just wants to troll people.))
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02 August 2010 @ 03:02 am
Guess what, ducks, it's one more person to ask you questions.

Riddle me this: If you leave behind everything you know and let go of everything you've ever worked for, how do you start over?
29 July 2010 @ 07:30 pm
[Accidental audio post]  
[The sound of a door opening and Priss speaks up.]

About time you guys got here.

[The next person to speak up is a man.] Man Priss. Do you live at the studio?

No, you guys are just always late. Come on. We have a gig in a few days so lets go through the whole set today.

[Another man speaks up] You can be a slave driver you know. [and he laughs some]

[Now there you hear the tuning of instruments until they actually start playing a song]

OOC cut for youtube video )

[audio cuts off at end of the song]

((ooc Here are the lyrics and translation for anyone who wants to know.))
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15 July 2010 @ 07:22 pm
[You see the inside of Priss's trailer, and in front of the camera is an Akita inu, who is pawing at the keyboard. What is typed, comes up at the bottom of the screen.]

ijodfaklmv ljwmdjoew odisjaf,

God damnit, these paws are too big. This better be the communities doing.

[Priss has the animal and inner thoughts virus.]
07 July 2010 @ 11:56 am
[Accidental Video Post]  
[It looks like someone is recording this with their cell phone. It's night and you see a busy street of what looks like just the beginning of a red light district. There are some normal night clubs, but further down there are some that are targeted for adult entertainment. Lots of people are walking by, laughing and having a good time out on the town.]

[Then someone screams, and people start running towards whoever was filming. Someone shuts something about a Recreational BOOMER going rogue. Whoever is recording is staying put, most likely wanting to see what is going on. As the crowd starts to thin you see this thing coming down the street, throwing vehicles and whoever else gets in its way. The person recording starts to run, but keeps the aiming their cell toward the rogue BOOMER.]

[As the BOOMER gets closer, these two armored figures appear. The blue one lands on the BOOMER's head, digging their heel into its head and forcing it to go down. The red and pink goes in for the attack once the blue one landed gracefully on the ground. The blue one looks like it is about to join back in on the fight but then stops and just watches as the red one goes to work. Soon the red one punches a hole right into the BOOMER's chest pulls out something that almost looks like a black heart, which it squeezes until an oily substance comes out.]

[The BOOMER falls, now deactivated. The people who stayed put to watch the action start applauding. The red one hams it up and starts bowing and waving to the people while the blue stands there calmly. Police sirens can be heard and the person who is recording turns to show police cars coming up the street. They turn back just in time to see the two armor figures take a leap up to the roof to a three story building and then disappear.]

(just a small canon move.)
17 June 2010 @ 06:54 pm
[Accidental audio post]  
[You hear the tuning of a guitar and then the shuffling of some papers. Then Priss stops tuning and starts playing the guitar, followed shortly by her seeing.]

OOC Cut for youtube video. )

((OOC: Here are the lyrics and translation for anyone who wants to see them))
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08 June 2010 @ 03:11 pm
[Video post]  
OOC cut due to images. )

((The "video" was prerecorded, so Nene will not be responding, but Priss will.))
04 June 2010 @ 08:35 pm
So, I want to see how other people would handle this kind of situation.

What would you do when some kid, who is barely an adult, won't butt out of your love life. At this point, I'm tempted to beat the crap out of her.
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26 May 2010 @ 11:54 am
[Intercepted phone conversation accidentally posted to the comm.]  
[A chipper girls voice on one end.] How's it going Priss?

[The other end, the one that sounds clearer, is Priss's voice, with the sound of a motorcycle engine rumbling in the background.] What?

Hey! Guess what? You know that guy, Leon, who works at the same station as I do?

[You can practically hear the eye-roll in Priss's voice.] Yeah...

He was at your show at Hot Legs the other night~ After the club had closed~

Okay, if you say so. Is there some kind of point to this?

Uh-huh~ I've just realized you're not as tough as you pretend to be~

[And now Priss sounds really annoyed.] You wanna find out how tough I am? Bug off!

[end to phone conversation.]

((ooc: just an in canon phone conversation between Priss and Nene.))
21 May 2010 @ 05:29 pm
Well this virus is ruining my reputation. Out of nowhere I hugged my band mates before and after practice, and three other friends. Any suggestions on how I can stop hugging or do I just have to wait until after the virus?
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