03 January 2013 @ 10:08 am
What would happen if you liked somebody in your own world and somebody in a different world, too? It's somebody that you would miss if you leave but when you leave the somebody else, you miss them too.

Did that ever happen to anybody here?
18 December 2012 @ 04:52 am
[The snow falling outside of the large castle window probably looks familiar to most community members. In said window is a sullen Raenef, watching as it falls.]

Before I became a demon lord, I used to play in the snow with all of my friends. It kind of makes me miss them more since I don't have anybody to play with here...

[Erutis aside and she's hard to find.]

Does anybody want to come over and play? Eclipse is busy trying to figure out why it's snowing so I think it would be safe.
12 November 2012 @ 10:42 am
The castle is under attack!  
[The scene is dark, though not because the room Raenef is in is without lights. A source does give enough illumination to the book to show that something is blocking the view: ironically, another sheet of paper. A loud 'boom' soon moves it out of the way and reveals the room. For those interested, and fast, enough to read it, it seems Raenef had written a post in the wrong book. Simply: "Hey guys, I blew up a mountain today!"

But he doesn't look so excited now. Dressed in what looks to be an old fashioned night gown, he stands before a man (?), weaponless against a sword.]

Cut for stupidity. Oh, and for the plan to commit violence )
13 October 2012 @ 08:54 pm
That didn't go so well  
[It's a ballroom, full of what seems to be a lot of very important, and intimidating, people. Raenef is among them with the demon from the last video, dressed up nicely in black but looking none the scarier.

In fact, he's yawning.]

Lord Raeeeeeeeeeef! [Eclipse doesn't seemed very pleased with this and tries again.] I'd like to remind you of your position and...your DIGNITY!

[In response, Raenef coughs and then scowls. He's trying, he just... this is him. And as he thinks about how Eclipse is always on to him and complaining about his dignity, it makes him laugh. No, not laugh. It makes him GIGGLE.]

[And then the screen goes black. When it comes back on, Raenef is in a overly large night shirt, the kind common in the olden days. His hair is a slight mess and he looks a bit sheepish and this is before he realized what was recorded.]

I'm really sorry. I couldn't find a rainbow for Natsume or a harp for Eater but I'll keep looking!

[He's seen people ask stuff on this before...maybe...]

But hey, have you ever had to do something you know would be a piece of cake but they have to give you more time and they just don't want to?
16 September 2012 @ 10:10 am
[At first, there's only fuzzy voices, static blocking most of the words.]

Crap!! It's the guards.

It's a raid! Run!!

We'd better scram! Hurry!


[And then the static became too strong to hear anything, though the occasional footstep makes it through.

And then, Raenef's voice comes back in.]

We meet again. How did you get up there? I wanna get up there too...

[More static, though it stops soon enough and video finally clicks on. Raenef is a bit in the distance, sitting, looking tired. There's another man with him but only his black hair is on screen.]

I wonder if the others are all right...? I'm sure they're fine.

[As if on cue, guards can be seen walking in the distance. Their voices barely reach the feed.]

I heard they caught the Guild leader.

[And just before the video shuts off, Raenef's eyes widen as he jumps to his feet, moving closer to the guards.]

[ooc: Blue font belongs to the thief's guild, red for the guards, and Raenef gets the normal text. Also, canon update!]