12 December 2013 @ 07:56 pm

[the video feed comes in dim and flickering, like the camera is snapping on and off or being covered by someone... turning... pages? The sound of rustling paper certainly indicates the latter.

There are glimpses of an elaborate ceiling high above in the gloom, domed and painted bright colours, perhaps a palace or a temple. Closer to the 'camera' is the face of a young woman with grey eyes and long ash brown hair, tied back in a ponytail. It definitely isn't Takiko, but the post seems to be coming from Takiko's journal...?

The young woman is frowning, her expression becoming more and more suspicious as she continues to flip through pages. She doesn't seem to care that the front of her sleeping robe is gaping open, revealing boobs and a heavy swath of bandages running diagonally across her chest and a — mark? tattoo? — of the Japanese symbol for 'woman', 女, just below her collarbone. Enjoy the show, ducks.

She's downright scowling by the time she reaches the end of the entries, muttering a quick curse and an 'Idiot girl' as she looks away and slams the book closed]


Oi, where is all of this coming from? Just who are you, and what are you saying to Takiko?

[the entry comes only minutes after the video feed, and handwriting is rough and angular, not at all like Takiko's usual elegant hand]