02 December 2012 @ 11:44 pm
001 ❖ [video]  
[Gold is not one for computers. Not one for technology. But then, there's good reason for that, isn't there? He's an old soul, so to speak. In his true lifetime, there were no such things. The technology really was impressive though, bordering almost on the edges of magic.


But now the little computer he keeps for some of the more... intricate bookkeeping is making a pest of itself. There's a long moment of time where he's examining, investigating, gleaning what he can from what has presented itself. Interesting. But the things he can see, others are watching too, aren't they?]

Well now. This is unusual. Downright fascinating, actually.

[A soft, thoughtful hum.]

Things really are coming alive in this sleepy little town lately. I wonder how I'll keep up with it all. [Ha.]

But that aside, if I'm not mistaken, there is someone out there, is there not? It's a bit rude to ogle without introduction, dearies.

Here. I'll begin. My name is Gold. Humble owner of a humble pawnshop. Acquirer of necessities. Well... a few other things as well. A jack of all trades so to speak.

So tell me, what have I stumbled upon? Or... has it stumbled upon me?