18 December 2010 @ 12:45 am
001 VIDEO;  
[ alto's stepping out of his variable fighter, holding the device gingerly and frowning down at it, helmet under his arm, free hand shaking out his ponytail properly with practiced, unintended finesse. there is a chance that he might be mistaken for a girl until he, you know, talks. ]

All right, look. This community might be populated with escaped convicts or psychotic chainsaw murderers who live with their mothers for all I know, and for all the sense I'm currently seeing in this thing, but I have a question.

Why is it called a duck and why is there drama? Nothing against ducks, but I doubt getting into water, swimming around, and floating out again is any cause for theatrics. And what's this 'worlds' thing that you're going on about?

[ he's actually curious, now. ] Are the lot of you alien life forms, or?

Sheryl, Ranka, how did you both find this community, anyway?