15 April 2013 @ 08:09 am
[Video | Virus Grab Bag: Bishoujou Senshi Sailor Moon!]  
Bye-bye! See you this afternoon!

[The video started up showing Sasami going off to school. Everything seems normal. Okay, the rabbit trotting along side her seems odd, but beyond that, it seems normal. Well, except for that pretty pink brooch resting on her school uniform's ribbon. By this time, she takes notice of the video.]

Oh, hello! Sorry, can't talk too long or I might miss the bus! I don't wanna be late!
16 February 2013 @ 08:27 pm
[And when the video starts up, there's Sasami hiding in what looks like a closet. She brings her finger up to her lips to hush people before she starts speaking in whispered tones.]

...I don't know how I got here, but I'm in someone else's house... and I think it's Nanoha-chan's. All I know is that I woke up near her bed, and had this red string tied around my finger. Didn't people say it was this community? I thought it did nice things, like that snow trip!

Oh, I hope she doesn't find me and get angry at me...!
20 January 2013 @ 12:16 am
[Video - Canon Start!]  
[After the hecticness of being tossed into a strange city without powers and your new friend turning into a weapon from her world, being back in your canon world is a welcome sight. And just in time, too! The video feed starts up to show Sasami looking out at something. She turns back to the camera and brings her index finger to her lips.]

...you won't believe this: when I came back from that city, my sister Ayeka had found someone and imprisoned him. His name is Tenchi and I agreed to let him go if he'd do something for me. He's right now in my sister's room trying to get her headpiece. It's very nice... though, I have a feeling he's going to do something silly...

[And sure enough, there's two screams - one a guy, the other a girl. The camera turns to show a guy bolting towards Sasami and it's aftermath.

Thanks to a childish prank, three aliens are now stranded on Earth.

Sasami'll respond a few minutes after the crash landing.]
13 January 2013 @ 09:17 am
[Video] - 01  
Huh? [There's a hand reaching up to tug down at some sort of screen, panning down to not only reveal what appears to be a vast forest-like setting, but also a blue-haired little girl, maybe no older than 8, with big pink eyes, a twin triangle-like marking on her forehead and wearing what looks like to be a very colorful kimono... though it looks like a fusion of it and a dress. She blinks a couple of times, seeing the screen.]

...what kind of birds are those? And... [she makes a face.] ...I was never good with any of this. [She looks to the side a bit.] I think I woke up too early - we're still traveling. [And back at the screen.] Oh, well... hi, I'm Sasami! Anyone else there?