21 February 2013 @ 09:35 pm
I know this is might sound like a weird question, but what do you all think about zombies? I just watched my first zombie movie with Furuya-kun and I was wondering if all of them are that... gory.
17 February 2013 @ 06:47 am
01 | voice  
I don't exactly have the free time to spend on something like this, but at the same time, stress-relief is important, heh. Casual conversation over a network like this isn't so nervewracking...

Getting to the point, it's nice to meet you, I'm Kira Izuru and I've only just come across this notebook in my desk - is that normal?

You'll have to forgive me for being ignorant to the workings of these sorts of communities, but, from taking a quick look around, what exactly do the combinations of characters that don't make up a word mean? Are they abbreviations, and if so, of what?
04 February 2013 @ 07:27 pm
I think the universe has some sick joke about me and wells.

I mean come on! Three times it's happened. Falling down a well once is bad enough, but three times.

This doesn't happen to anyone else, does it?
02 December 2012 @ 04:55 pm
[VIDEO] A national TV channel says Scrooge's birthday is today and I will not argue with them.  
[The scene? Scrooge sits at his desk, angrily addressing someone on the intercom...] And Typefast, tell whoever it is that the damn contest was a hoax! They were never going to give me my secret desire!

You know, Scrooge, this is also the 50th anniversary of something else, [a more feminine voice says from just off-camera.] It's been 50 years since you left the Klondike.

[He turns to look at whoever it is, and the look on his face can be described as nothing less than flabbergasted.] GOLDIE! Wh-wh-what do you w-w-want?

Your family and friends chipped in to fly me here for your golden jubilee! They all wanted to give something to the duck who has all that money can buy.

L-L-L-Like wh-wh-what? [Scrooge sinks into his chair, sweating more and more. Goldie, on the other hand, leans in closer. That doesn't seem to help the sweating much.]

Something only I can give him... just... a little something special.

[She leans even closer... and whispers something to Scrooge's ear. Whatever it is, it leaves him completely speechless. Then, she pulls him - by his sideburns - into a kiss.

... A ducky, bill-to-bill kiss.

When it ends, Scrooge - who is as red as his clothes now - punches the desk.]
Dagnabbit! I'm too busy for this kind of foolishness!

I know, I know.

I'll bet that idiot nephew of mine put you up to this! Wait till I get I hands on him!!

Him and a bunch of other "idiots". [She begins to leave, looking quite pleased. Scrooge seems to turn his full, undivided attention to some papers on his desk, clutching them right up to his face.]

I have a world-wide empire to run! I can't just drop everything and fritter away time on nonsense!

I know... I know. I'll wait. Goodbye, Scrooge. [Still with a smile, she walks out and shuts the door. He watches her walk away over his papers, grumbling and scowling -

When she is out of sight, he drops whatever he was pretending to do and, instead, holds his head in a teary-eyed smile.]

07 November 2012 @ 01:10 am
[Bowser sits on his throne with the Star Rod in one hand and what looks like a barbecued turkey leg in the other.  Between sentences, he's happily taking large bites out of the drumstick.]

(with mouth full) Sho, ah've got the Shtar Rod, and it'sh aweshome.  (swallows) I can do anything with this thing!  I mean, check it out!  (motions to the window and takes a bite)

[The camera operator walks to the window, and we're treated to a breathtaking view of the Mushroom Kingdom, far below.  There is a rather large crater near a pond.  Those with higher-resolution monitors, a keen eye for detail, and a shocking familiarity with the Mushroom Kingdom would notice that that crater is exactly where Peach's Castle used to be.]

(swallows) Not only is my castle flying, but it's got Peach's Castle right on top of it!  (bite of drumstick) She'sh up vere right now.  Ah'm gon' go shee 'er in a few minnush. (swallows)

Yeah, it's a good day to be me...

[End of vlog post.  Immediately after posting it, Bowser reappears on the community in video chat.]
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30 October 2012 @ 09:25 pm
[... Huh. Odd video here. Looks kind of like... Scrooge is recording this inside a tiny locked room?]

I've gotta be quick. My nephews caught wind of what I'm planning to do, and they want to stop me, but I have to do this!

Somebody, go on a date with me. I'll pay.


28 September 2012 @ 08:44 pm
Video || Enter Lea  
[The screen flickers on to a sleek, white room with an odd contraption on the opposite wall. In the room are three people; a man with silver hair dressed in a lab coat, a man with brown hair in some kind of guard's uniform, and a man with red hair in a black cloak. They seem to be in the middle of some kind of argument...]

"-And we haven't turned up anything in the last three weeks! I don't know where to go because you haven't found anything, and I can't keep hopping from world to world just HOPING to find something there!"

"We're doing the best we can, Lea, but there just isn't enough data on the server."

"Bullshit! Xehanort put everything he knew about the different worlds onto this piece of junk. Are you sure that you haven't skipped anything?"

[The cloaked man - Lea - gestured to the camera with a dramatic wave.]

"I'm looking at everything I can, Lea, I promise. Xehanort was only interested in finding worlds with the "seven princesses", so the data on this is primarily about those worlds. There's other notes - about us, about other potentially useful worlds - but the worlds we have data on is limited in scope."

[Lea grumbles angrily as he turns and walks towards the camera. He leans forward and pounds his hands on the sides of the keyboard angrily.]

"There's got to be something, though... He was interested in the Seven Lights, so he should have at least 'some' information about where to find them. It's got to be in here somewh - Oh you've got to be kidding! Ienzo, why are you on a chat site?!"

"A what?"

"A chat site! It's right here, you didn't even try to hide it! Is this what you've been doing?"

[The man in the lab coat - Ienzo - approached and leaned in next to Lea curiously.]

"Lea, there isn't anything on screen except the data files."

"Of course it is, it's right here! Don't pretend it's not here!"

"Lea, there isn't any chat site on screen. Why are you insisting there is?"

[Lea threw up his hands angrily and turned to the stone-faced man who had yet to say anything.]

"Aeleus, have you been using the computer for chat sites?"


"So it has to have been you, Ienzo! Don't try to deny it! Why are you on social sites when we're supposed to be looking for information on the missing Keyblade wielders?!"

"Are you feeling okay, Lea? Maybe you should lay down..."

[After a drawn out argument about Lea's health and the apparently invisible chat site, Lea throws up his hands again in exasperation.]

"Forget it, I don't care anymore. If you want to pretend you can't see it, then fine. Just... go see if the library has anything else to offer. I want to see if I can find anything else that you might have missed."

"I highly doubt it, I've gone through every file... Please, get some rest, you're starting to seriously worry me."

"Just let me look, dammit."

[With that, Ienzo and Aeleus leave, leaving only Lea to lean over the computer again and sigh.]

"I have no idea why Ienzo is lying to me... nobody else has used this computer today. Let's see... Huh? Is this recording?"

[He tapped the camera lightly, brow furrowed, then shrugged and lowered his hands to the keyboard. After a few movements of the mouse, though, he noticed something else.]

"What the- it's recording live to the site? Oh, crap... How do I shut this thing off?"

[A after a bit of fiddling, and the feed finally cuts out.]

Grey Text = Ienzo
Brown Text = Aeleus
03 August 2012 @ 08:34 pm
[video] Let me tell you about THINGS DON ROSA ACTUALLY WROTE  
This post contains drowning. )

((OOC: asfdedh I should mention Scrooge WILL be replying to this post!))
10 July 2012 @ 01:18 pm
How the heck do you people ever manage to explain things like evil twins, or, for Pete's sake, a whole bunch of temporal nonsense to everybody else in your world? I barely even understand what happened the past couple of weeks, I can't very well go and tell my secretary "Oh, I was a statue somewhere else because a time-eating thing ate my time but now I'm all good, so pass me those papers!"

If I end up getting sent to a madhouse because of this place, I tell you now, you'll never hear the end of it!
26 May 2012 @ 05:18 pm
Oh, are you all having fun with your fancy new superpowers? I just found out I can manipulate money!


So far, I've only gotten it to work with Monopoly money.

((I REALLY REALLY WANTED TO USE THE ZIMBABWEAN DOLLAR FOR THIS but alas it came after Scrooge's time. 8( ))

25 April 2012 @ 11:09 pm
[video] I swear this post contains as little reading as I could make it 8(  
[What a strange thing to see from Scrooge's account - this appears to be a video of... a saloon? On fire? Looks like it, anyway. As the camera (?) zooms in, you will see two ducks looking at each other more intensely than you'd ever imagine a cartoon duck could; one of them is easily identifiable as a much younger Scrooge McDuck, and the other is a blonde duck dressed as a... dancer.

Suddenly, the female swoons and collapses on the floor. Scrooge begins to rush to her side, but before he can get far, a firehose outside shoots some hefty blocks of ice straight at his head, and he goes out like a light.

So does the video, for a moment.]

Cut for a long post with lots of pictures. Tl;dr: Scroogeception. Alternatively: A Love Letter to Don Rosa, And by Extension Carl Barks. )
05 March 2012 @ 09:42 pm
Let's get straight to the point, shall we?

I need a time traveller!

((OOC: Tags will be slow at least until tomorrow, sorry. ;;))

26 December 2011 @ 05:24 pm
This is on, right? Right. I figure I might as well wish everyone happy holidays. I suppose the gifts I received put me in a good mood! Thanks, Issei. I have a gift for you too! Here goes...

I won't complain about you shoving me into that Secret Santa nonsense. You're forgiven! Not just because of the flower, of course - thank my Santa too you're getting off so easily.

Merry Christmas, every-- [He's interrupted by some off-screen voice saying... something. The exact content of the message is utterly incomprehensible to common ears.] ... It was a fine broom, nephew! What're you-- No, you can't drink that! Get-- [Click!]
08 December 2011 @ 08:30 pm

Good gravy, they made a game too!
18 November 2011 @ 11:01 pm
oh my god i can'wf navigate worth a single darn like this

i got lost backin the 1897 bills oh aye donald should take thoseg ou for some fresh ar

DONALDS no wait  should call out to him
12 October 2011 @ 06:53 pm
[failed lock from Kefka] How long until I regret this post, I wonder  
The virus is over, right? Good. I can finally ask a question.

Right, so... this is aimed at you weird alien geeks, I guess. The ones who type like black just isn't good enough for you. A while ago, one of you - I think it was the green one - posted some business about your alien relationships, and one sort of stuck out in my head. Not for any particular reason!... Just because it's something pretty human that we don't have a word for, I guess. What was it called again...

Ach, right, moirywhelps. Or something like that.

Do you think it's something that we Earth people - and from other worlds too, I suppose - can have, or do you need to type like a complete $paz to get it?

... Also, it's completely platonic, right?
10 October 2011 @ 03:48 pm
Alright, if I get what's going on, there's some sort of language virus going around. I know a fair few, so if you've got someone you need to talk to but can't understand, I might be able to help.

For a price, obviously.

[Aha, typical Scrooge.

... Wait, no, it's not so typical after all. Because the community has its terrible sense of humour, all you have just heard Scrooge say was...

Quaaaaaaaaaack quaaack.]
11 August 2011 @ 06:37 pm
Maybe I should just lock myself in a cabinet with no internet for a few days.

And I just got a new safe, too! Next thing you know I'll be oh no I can't think of the combination 32-47-OOOH THERE ONCE WAS A BARMAID IN NOME AND A GOLD MINER LONELY FOR HOME. HE HAD THE BREATH OF A MOOSE AND SHE COULDN'T GET LOOSE SO SHE PULLED OUT HER KNIFE AND...
03 August 2011 @ 12:08 pm
Can someone explain why this thing is floating around on the Internet?
11 July 2011 @ 01:31 pm
20; video; welp there goes the neighborhood; jecht 0 canon 2; backdated to before tidus's arrival  
So, you've probably been wondering where I was.

[Kefka is dangling, pinned, between three statues: one angelic diva, one devilish knight, one demonic dancer. His shirt and pants are stained dark red from a nasty-looking stab wound in his stomach. And the ground they're all on is slowly crumbling away to reveal...sky. Uh oh.]

It has been a really long few weeks so let me say to just go look it up. It's on wikipedia by now, I bet. [He sighs, then starts ticking events off on his bloody fingers.] Let's just say that I destroyed the Returners on the orders of the Empire, stole the powers of the espers thus killing them all, set a town on fire, raised a floating continent, got backstabbed by the two remaining people of the Empire [and he raises a bloody hand from his wound] one literally, killed the other one, the first one got away with her friends, destroyed the Empire, and now I'm dying. Ha! It's...not nearly so bad as everyone says. I feel more woozy than anything else, hee hee hee...and so messy....

So, community....don't worry. I'll be back. Either I will have my world restarted, a New Game, or....hee, I'll be back better than ever. A god. It'll be great. So Scrooge, Samara, Dru, Aria, Mr. E, Jezebel, you other person, don't worry...but, Ozaki....

[Behind him, floating, a huge creature rises. It booms:]

Not so fast, ya fuckin' clown! Yer not gonna hurt Terra again!

[Kefka turns as well as he can, disbelief written all over his face.] How did you even get here? That doesn't even make sense!

Don't matter!

[The creature opens it's mouth and blasts him, the statues, and the ground. When the energy dissipates, nothing is left--]

[Wait, no, there's a...thing...the camera must have been caught in the blast, since the film is starting to blur. Whatever it is has great flapping wings in white and black and it's fast, spinning around the creature and chipping off parts with bright bursts of energy.]

[And the winged thing glows, glows, glows brighter and brighter and starts burning away the other creature, the sky, and the camera starts to crackle, fizz, until it breaks with a crash, leaving one image in its wake:]

not icly cut; the world burns )

[ooc: canon move! Kefka's become a god, the world has been transformed, and Jecht-the-space-whale's attack didn't stop anything, unfortunately. Which punted Jecht back to the beginning of his canon. Kefka's going to be MIA for the next few weeks since his book broke. No replies.]

[...and "mr. e" is supposed to be Envy, since Kefka's trying to help him without Greed knowing. :9 'The other person' is Grace. Italics are Jecht-Sin, normal is Kefka.]
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