24 August 2011 @ 10:37 am
[oo4] daydreams  
[The daydream is displayed from a first-person perspective, obviously that of a child, running into a kitchen with small arms out in front of him, hands visible. A beautiful woman with red-painted lips and waist length black hair in a hime cut turns, her mouth curved up into a warm smile, and a handsome blonde man folds his newspaper in half, putting it aside.

The woman turns and bends, leaning in to the child, arms extending to him, everything is warm, and perfect. You can almost smell the homemade breakfast in the air.]

Seiju...my Seiju. You're smiling. Don't ever stop smiling, Seiju, or all your happiness will elude you...remember that, okay?

[As she speaks, blood dribbles from the corner of her mouth, and the entire daydream falls apart, with only darkness and blood on pavement, and his knees visible, hands against them.]

'It's funny, even in a daydream, I can never hold on to that morning.'
17 August 2011 @ 09:30 pm
[oo3] explosions (canon move/accidental video)  
[The video engages, jumping up and down slightly as the body the recording device is connected to moves. There's a slight hesitation in the feed after a minute or so, a very short static interruption that hisses and makes the feed jerk, then a soft voice, obviously Seiju's for those who know it.]

Our bomber is rather impatient.

[The feed starts jerking faster as the body the recording device is attached to starts running. Grey walls made of concrete flash by quickly, and the only sound is hitching breaths as Seiju runs. After barely 10 seconds of this, everything stops. There is the sound of rubber grinding against concrete, and the device flies to the ground, showing Seiju standing there with his eyes wide, wearing a uniform with a long jacket, red armband, and skull insignia at the chest. To the opposite side of the feed from Seiju a window with bars is barely visible. There is barely a second for the fear to register on Seiju's face before there is the violently loud sound of an explosion, a flash of flame, and the device sputters into static for a moment.

As the smoke clears, the back of Seiju's head is visible, his body lying on the floor, and a staticy voice belonging to his Captain rings out.]

Usaki? Seiju?

[OOC: All replies will be ICly delayed by around 6 hours.]
24 July 2011 @ 10:33 pm
[oo2] to go to sleep  
[the video post engages, showing a mostly-darkened room. Seiju sits in his bed, his hair loose around his shoulders, wearing a T-shirt, with a backdrop of stars through the huge windows forming most of the wall behind him. he forces a weak smile, but his expression is exhausted]

Does anyone else here have a difficult time with sleeping? It can't be that uncommon of a problem, I imagine, but I've just been having such a hard time with it lately. It worries people, I know, but I can't seem to correct it.

[he sighs, lifting one hand to his mouth and pressing the heel of his hand against his lips before glancing back at the screen]

Maybe someone has a home remedy that might work? I take sleep aids, but they haven't worked. I've also tried warm milk, and most types of tea, but if there's any other ideas, I'd love to hear them.
06 July 2011 @ 02:16 pm
[oo1] all-access  
[a video post engages showing a young man with bangs, shoulder-length hair, and violet eyes. he's positioned so it's pretty obvious he's looking at the screen of a computer instead of the camera, even if the camera is engaged. he types thoughtfully for a moment, humming a very soft tune under his breath, and then looks slightly confused]

What's this? Strange, I don't remember looking up anything like this, I was just typing reports, but...

[he pauses, looking at the camera now, his face breaking into a wide smile. you can almost see the sparkles in his eyes]

I do like ducks, though! They're so cute. Is this a community to discuss them?