07 October 2011 @ 03:17 pm
Where do you go when you want to get away from everything?
05 March 2011 @ 03:49 pm
It won't let me stay away anymore.

So fine, community. I'll ask a question. You like those.

Why do you bother to keep on living?
06 February 2011 @ 02:11 pm
[Accidental Video Post]  
You see Shito sitting in a chair before what looks like a four-poster bed. The boy is bound tightly to the chair, and Toho is at his shoulder, bending over him and speaking softly to him.

"Shito-shaoye, I'm sorry for making you wait. This is from Laoye's good will, allowing you to see her beautiful form one last time," Toho is saying, his voice a malevolent purr. "I've exhausted this pair of hands fulfilling Laoye's expectations - she is the most beautiful corpse in the world."

On the bed is a young woman, lying on a bed of white lilies, unmoving and still - and indeed, breathtakingly beautiful.

Shito stares at her, his breathing stilled, but his body shaking. "...Dead?"

"I regret this deeply," Toho replies, smiling.

He draws away. "Death is naturally beautiful..." As Toho moves and continues to speak, his voice becomes too quiet to be picked up by the microphone. Only the odd word is picked up, about 'loss of youth' and 'he despises you'. Finally he returns to Shito's side, laying a hand on his shoulder. Shito doesn't react to any of this, just staring at the corpse of his mother.

"You are what Laoye has searched for," Toho continues. "Everything rests on you. You are entirely Laoye's possession, and that is his desire - to be, for all eternity, beautiful."

The camera continues to rest on Shito's face. Tears are pouring from his eyes, yet Shito's expression is like stone, as if he's withdrawn so deeply into himself that no emotion can show.

After allowing Shito to sit there for a while longer, Toho gathers the unresponsive boy up into his arms and carries him from the room, the camera finally shutting off as the door closes.

[OOC: We're finally doing this canon move and there'll likely be a sequences of posts. No responses from catatonic!zombie whose entire reason for clinging to life no longer exists. ;3;]
18 September 2010 @ 10:22 pm
[backdated to yesterday/earlier today?]  
Who did it? Who fucking did it?! Is this some kind of joke? Did you think it'd be funny to take him away? But you couldn't stop there, right, you had to take the whole fucking DORM. Well HA FUCKING HA, I'm laughing too, so the joke's on you!!

Now give them back.

((OOC: Yyyeah, this is actually a canon move for Zombie-Loan. Shito and Chika and a couple others from the dorms have vanished into a pocket dimension. All Devit knows is that they're gone, and he's... not taking it well, to say the least. :\a;;))
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11 September 2010 @ 12:09 pm
Open RL for Stein's DADA Students  
Stein's Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom was decorated slightly differently from others. In fact, one might think it was a Potion's class, given the shelves lining one wall that contained various sectioned pieces of various creatures, floating grotesquely in jars.

Another might think it was actually a classroom for Care of Magical Creatures, though none of the carefully labelled and mounted supernatural creatures decorating the room actually needed any care, other than a little bit of dusting.

"Good morning, class," Stein said, rolling out of his office and out to the front of the class on his patchworked chair. "We're going to do something a little different today. Wands away, and please stand up."

With a flick of his own wand, all of the desks were pushed to the outside of the room. A large table appeared suddenly in the cleared middle of the room.

"I'd like you all to say hello to our special guests for today's class. One of them you'll be familiar with, of course," continued Stein cheerfully as two boys emerged from his office and moved quietly to the table.

"You all know Tachibana Shito, Slytherin's House Zombie and my personal assistant for this class," Stein said as the two boys hopped up to sit on the table. "And please welcome Radu Barvon, who very graciously agreed to come to help with today's class. He is a vampire, who's come all the way from Egypt. Please do your best to make him feel welcome, and mind the fangs."

Radu shot Stein a haughty look and then glanced around the room with a bored expression, while Shito sat sullenly, glaring at anyone who was unlucky enough to meet his gaze.

"I invite all of you to examine both samples thoroughly for the rest of the class. A foot on the comparative anatomical features of the undead is due next class. You can compare your observations with the diagrams of ghouls, ghasts, and deathly hallows in your text for the essay, but focus mostly on your observations of Radu and Shito," he finished, putting his feet up on his desk and settling back. "Feel free to ask any questions if you're confused about the assignment, of course. Have fun!"

[OOC: Chat with, examine or grope the samples in the threads below, or chat with Stein. Or feel free to make your own threads!]
30 August 2010 @ 02:25 pm
[Voice Post]  
[There's a great deal of background discussion as the video turns on, a babble of different voices introducing themselves and talking over each other. It's all muffled slightly since Shito's phone is in his pocket. Then Chika's voice comes in loud and clear]

Damn... these guys are tough. Oi Shito... [There's a pause, then Chika's voice continues] You're not even listening, are you...

[Shito's voice rises up excitedly] I finally got it! A rare Betty!

[Chika snaps] Don't just stand there eating snacks!

Hey Akatsuki, be careful! My rare Betty!!

[The crunching sound as it's destroyed under someone's shoe is oddly loud, especially in comparison to the ominous silence that descends afterwards, broken only by Shito's soft gasp] M-My Betty...

Oh, sorry, what's this? [A new voice now] A snack toy?

[Shito's scream of frustration is almost inhuman] Y-YOU!

I'll pay you back for it. Here's 350 yen.

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12 June 2010 @ 11:06 am
I have never used this icon IC before ;3;  
[Shito is sitting in a simple, almost austere room, kneeling on a pillow and reading a book, with a cup of tea on the low table beside him. The sliding screens are open and the sounds of flowing water and birdsong issue from a Chinese-style garden just beyond.

A woman's voice calls from a distance, deeper within the house
] Shito! Lunch is ready!

[He looks up, closing the book, and smiles as he jumps to his feet]

Coming Mother!
08 May 2010 @ 05:02 pm
Somebody get us the fuck out of here. PLEASE. Before we start screwing each other do something neither of us will ever forgive the other for.

We're stuck in a gods-damned crypt because there's a shinigami waiting out there to take our fucking heads off, and we're both affected by this fucking virus!
07 May 2010 @ 01:17 pm
[Accidental Video Post]  
[As the video resolves, it shows Shito standing with his gun out looking around warily, while Chika stands over a dead body with his sword raised straight up in the air. For those who can see spirit particles, there is a swirl of glowing golden energy rising from the decaying body to whirl around Chika and follow the line of the sword into the sky, where it disappears. Only when all the energy is gone does Chika lower the sword again.

He pulls out a little black bank book to check the balance, and scowls.] Man, I swear they've dropped the pay rate on these low rank zombies. It's gonna take us for fucking ever to make this month's...

[He glances up just in time to see a distortion in the air right behind Shito. His eyes widen and he lunges forward, throwing himself at the other zombie.] Look out!

[An odd-looking being carrying a giant scythe appears in the air. The scythe comes swinging down just as Chika slams into Shito, knocking him sideways. Blood sprays everywhere, obscuring the camera for a moment.

When it clears, the scythe-wielder has vanished, and Chika and Shito are sprawled on the ground. The majority of Chika's right arm lies some distance away, sheered off through the upper arm. Blood so dark it almost looks black seeps sluggishly from the stump at his shoulder, and he grabs at it to try to stem the flow.] Ow, fucking shit, what the hell was that?
31 March 2010 @ 03:58 pm
That's it. I've had it with this place.

I don't care how many viruses I get. I don't care if I have to personally put a bullet in my computer's casing to get away from this place.

I'm done. I'm not coming back.

All of you can just fuck off.

((Here's the context. It's flounce time. Don't worry, he'll no doubt be back))
14 March 2010 @ 04:35 pm
Look, it's White Day  
I hate girls.
31 January 2010 @ 09:03 am
Gods damn it... has anybody seen Tachibana Shito? I need him back here like, right the hell now.

((Locked to Kuroro))

Kuroro, I need your help! He was supposed to go out last night with that freaky friend of his but I don't think he ever came home - and my hand is hurting.

((There won't be any replies until tonight, because Chika is out searching/I have to go to work :p))
30 January 2010 @ 05:56 pm
Does it really make someone boring because they don't like to go out and do stupid things that make them look like a fool?


((He's mostly fucking with Devit, context is here))
23 December 2009 @ 09:30 pm
[Accidental Video Post] [Locked for Shito's sake from Chika]  
[The video opens on Shito standing by an enormous fish tank, which provides all the lighting for a cavernous room. It looks like he's broken into a public aquarium after hours. He stands seemingly relaxed, leaning against the glass with his arms folded, a glower on his face]

[Then Toho approaches] What was that all about? Even if it was just for a few days, for you to disappear without contact like that...Laoye was very angry, Shito shaoye.

[Shito glares up at Toho and snaps] Don't call me that!

[Toho smiles and raises his hands in mock surrender] You seem to be in a very bad mood, hmm? What if I called you 'Shito-sama' like the Japanese would?

[Shito looks away] Do what you want.

[Toho moves closer and leans in] Well, Shito-sama, why are you in such a bad mood?

[Shito glares down at the floor, not looking at Toho] Don't mess with my stuff, or the people on the community!Continued under the cut )

((Shito's replies will be much later, but he likely will reply to anyone who comments. Poor boy. Also there is context outside of canon))
23 December 2009 @ 08:47 am
Well, well, I've had a chance to look around this very interesting site. Are you the people who've been taking so much of my dear Shito shaoye's attention lately?

I wonder if you truly realize just what you've been talking to. The internet is such a fickle place, isn't it? You can become whoever, and whatever you like there, with the touch of a button.

My name is Toho, and it's most pleasurable to meet all of you.

If you are a friend of Shito shaoye's, I would love to hear from you. I've been very worried about him, lately, and if you can tell me anything about what he's been doing, it would be very much appreciated.

((OOC: Posted with moderator permission~ We're doing a bit of a canon move for Shito and Chika, and Toho's broken into Shito's dorm room and looked at his browser history. Toho will reply for now, and later Shito will realize what's happened and freak out. Toho is a very bad, bad man. Also 'shaoye' is a weird bastardized mockery of a Chinese term of respect similar to the Japanese honourific 'sama'. For those characters who speak Chinese, I believe (and please correct me if I'm wrong) that Toho is making Shito sound both older and younger than him at the same time))
25 October 2009 @ 01:42 pm
Who You Gonna Call?  
Got a Zombie Problem?

Leave it to the professionals!

Akatsuki & Tachibana
Zombie Killers

Shambling hordes ruining your neighbourhood? Afraid you're going to get bitten and spend the rest of your non-life as one of them?

Just leave it to us! For a small fee*, we'll take care of your zombie problem for you!

No weapons? No worries! We come equipped with our own professional zombie-killing gear. And we're immune from the virus!

First come, first served!

*Fee is negotiable, depends on number of zombies slain and may include costs of transportation to your world.
19 September 2009 @ 11:38 am
Akatsuki! It's happened again.

A Shinigami tried to reap me. I can't believe this. It was so strong and majestic, I barely got away.

Gosh darnit, is there someone out there who can help me give a Shinigami a hug take a Shinigami to lunch give it a piece of cake hug a Shinigami?

And that aside - what the candy and sunshine is going on here?! I can't type right!
17 August 2009 @ 09:29 am
Hey! Anybody out there got a good recipe for shinigami-repellant? Or some way of detecting 'em when they're off the radar? We seem to have a bit of an infestation out here...

Shito, watch your back! I damn near got reaped on my way to work. No idea where the hell he came from, or how he found me. Didn't seem to wanna follow me in here where there's other people, but I just hope he's not waiting out there for me to leave.
22 June 2009 @ 03:06 pm
Well, I thought I'd post on here to let people know what happened, since a lot of people seemed concerned.

We killed the zombie who was going to kill that girl. Turned out he wasn't the real butterfly, he was just a wannabe. Thankfully the real butterfly was an arrogant douchebag and after killing the girl we were trying to save and sending her after us as a zombie, he told us just where to find him.

Turns out Shiba was pretending to try to help us just so he could... I don't know, pretend to be smart by "figuring out" all the clues he left.

He got reaped after getting shot by me. The end. Akatsuki may have cut him up a bit, too.

And what have we learned?

1) Butterflies aren't scary.

2) Using Christian mythology as symbolism for your stupid murder cult is cliche

3) When I think someone's a creep, listen to me next time.

I wish I knew where all of these smart zombies were coming from...