30 December 2013 @ 09:10 pm
Ah, it's been a while, hasn't it?

[On the feed comes on a smiling face, Taki seems to be in good spirits over the recent passing holidays, but who can blame her? But she seems to be in winter garbs right now, walking a bit around outside.]

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, and I hope some of you got some good presents. But some of you may be busy around these times, so I understand. But I just couldn't help but ask how your holidays went.

[But right, moving on...if it isn't apparent, she's also wearing a nice little scarf that was given to her by Natsume.] As for me, I received this scarf. I actually quite enjoy it, so thank you again. [She hopes the person knows who she's referring to...] I actually wasn't able to give you your gift on time.

[To that, though, she holds up a small pair of keychains.] I made one for you and me, and I'm hoping I can drop by it soon.

...um, would anyone else like some gifts? If there's some way I could get something, I wouldn't mind dropping them off. But again, happy holidays.
28 September 2013 @ 02:57 pm
[video - virus; insomnia]  
Has...anyone else been feeling strange these last couple of days?

[Taki's face pops up on the community today, but she doesn't look like she's in the best state of mind right now. If one were to look close enough, they could see dark rings forming around her eyes, but she doesn't seem to mind it much, or think much of it. She thinks a youkai is doing this to her, which is why she doesn't want to reveal too much, or have Natsume scold her about it. But either way...]

I've been finding myself a bit restless these past couple of days. I couldn't go to bed last night, and I don't think I can today, either. I've been nodding off a bit in class, but...sleep just won't come. I'm wondering if this is one of "virus" things that the community talks about often. It seems a bit far fetched, I know, but...I can't help, but ask at least.

[She seems to stare at the camera a bit, seeming a bit distant for a moment, eyes widening as she realizes she's zoning out once more.]

...um, sorry...for being like this. I've been seeing some things too... [And not of the cute kind, either.] ...I guess I just wanted to get some thoughts off of my mind concerning this...if anyone else is experiencing this, can you please tell me? If not, then I must be losing my mind...

[But she's still letting out a solemn smile, regardless.] ...Um, but I should be fine...I can get back sleep sometime later. Thanks for listening to me...

[And again, she nods off, herself unconsciously turning off the feed.]
27 August 2013 @ 05:04 pm
[On the feed today, a girl, unfamiliar to the community, seems to pop up. At first, her face seems a bit serious...but it eventually lightens up into a little, cutesy smile as she brings her hands up to her cheeks.]

It's so cute! What is that, a little duck! Ooh, I wish I had one, too, I would raise it to be a cute thing forever...! ...hey, wait.

[It seems to dawn on her that, whatever this thing was, it was letting her see some sort of...community? Whatever it was, it had her curious, but not curious enough to deter her away from the fact that there's a cute little duck.

...but no, really, she seems to have focused now, seemingly inspecting her scroll as to what in the world this could be. Someone...help her out? Scare her a bit into making it seem like a youkai had invaded it? She'll just be entranced by the duck for the time being.]

I wonder what all of these things are... [...okay, at least she's not...fawning over it...]