08 August 2012 @ 11:18 pm

[The video starts in the trúffula valley. There's less tress than before but there's still hundreds of them, however, there's also something else. On top of the hill there's a hug ass monstrosity giant
thneed factory. Once-ler is in front of the door, looking really proud of himself and dressed like the bastard son of Willy Wonka and a leprechaun.]

Isn't it beautiful? I designed it myself and It's always making new thneds, all day and all night. [He looks so very proud.] Such a boost for the economy. I need so many people to work in there that is like a small town in itself, mmh..
02 June 2012 @ 12:07 am
[Video] CANON MOVE  
Spoilers for THE LORAX movie )
27 May 2012 @ 05:26 pm
[There's a black, slender dragon, flying through the air doing some pirouettes and enjoying himself. After a few minutes he flies down and lands gracefully on the ground. When he speaks, it sounds like the Once-ler.]

Hm...as far as virus go this is not so bad... [Then he sneezes, accidentally blowing a ball of fire that sets one of the trúffula trees on fire.]


[Uh, oh. His ears drop. The Lorax sure doesn't sound happy.]

It wasn't me!

[ooc: Once-ler got Dragon Physiology powers, he can change at will.]
18 May 2012 @ 09:40 pm
[Video] In which Once-ler life is made of pain and cruel irony  
[Look at you all with fluffy and colorful tiny wings, Once-ler would love to have those. Sadly, the community decided that he deserved to have wings with axe blades instead of fluffy feathers. He looks pained when he finally speaks.]

C-can someone help me to wraps those somehow? There's no one else here, I can't reach properly and well...

[He's cutting himself all the time by accident, hence the blood on his vest, hands and back. He gives the camera a miserable look.]
09 May 2012 @ 11:46 pm

I was just going to make this post for Harumi and Birkin, but I think you all need a little insight on the subject. My invention, what I am trying to sell is called a Thneed. T-H-N-E-E-D. Because it's a {th}ing everyone {need}s. Is not called 'Red', 'The-need', 'Bleed' or 'Swede'.

It's an object, it can become many different things and it has a lot of potential. I only have it in pink, thought. I don't know why so many of you seems to be itnerested in green ones. See:

[He puts a fluffy pink thing in front of the camera. That is a thneed, ladies and gentleman. Then the Once-ler makes a face, looking slightly embarrassed. This is all Harumi's fault.]

However it has northing to do with intercourse, so it can't be a toy... [That past part had to be said but someone kill him now, please.]

[Locked to Doc. Scratch.]

A word with you, if you please.


29 April 2012 @ 10:38 pm
[ooc: Green is Greed-ler, Once-ler's evil twin, but his text in the replies will be in ilatics.]

[He Once-ler is looking confused and a bit irritated.]

The cat ears are gone but…I wonder I this is part of the virus. [He narrows his eyes an looks to something that’s off camera.] My brothers are twins but they knew each other since, well, the day they were born. And I think my mother would have told me about hi…

Do you ever not speak? [A voice interrupts. It sounds very much like Once-ler’s voice, but it has a superior, sneering tone. Another Once-ler gets in the view. He's wearing a green expensive suit, matching gloves, a top hat, shiny black shoes a tailored coat and a red multi-neck guitar on his back. Once-ler grunts as the man in the suit pushes his head down so he can have a better look at the screen.] Hm…?

Do you mind, I’m trying to discover what’s going on! [Once-ler scoots away with a bothered expression on his face. Greed-ler sits down near him, ignoring the complains and giving the screen a critical look.]

What are you doing anyway? You should be outside doing something useful.
[He looks out the window, at the truffulas trees, and there’s a strange glint on his eyes. Then he turns back to the camera and lights up a cigar, giving a slasher smile.]

That can’t be good for your health.  [Normal Once-ler scrunches his nose at the smoke, annoyed. Greed-ler's smile is like the cheshire cat while he ruffles Once-ler’s black hair and then gives him a not so gently pat on the back.]

Our health, Oncie. And now stop whining like a spoiled child and shut the hell up.
22 April 2012 @ 01:19 am

[The video starts showing the inside of The Once-ler’s carriage-house. He’s sleeping and there’s a small barbaloot, Pipsqueak, dozing off next to him on the bed. The boy turns, stirs and wakes up, not noticing the two black cat ears that are now on top of his head and the long tail he has to match those. So long, in fact, that it gets tangled around his ankles when he gets out of bed.

Once-ler squeaks like a surprised parrot, tries to finish the step he was taking, steps on the rug on the floor instead and slides. Then he tries to grab onto the nearest curtain but ah, Gravity, thou art a heartless bitch, the green fabric gets pulled down with him as he falls face first to the wooden floor.

Pipsqueak jumps awake at the sudden yell and crash. He crawls all over the tangled mess that is the Once-ler to make sure the man didn’t kill himself, and tugs one of his cats ears.]
16 April 2012 @ 12:13 am
[Video post]  
[A tall boy is in the middle of living room, smiling at the camera (let’s say camera), a guitar on his hands. Around his neck there’s a fluffy pink thing, similar to a scarf but too weird looking to be one.]

Good day,  Ducklings. You call yourselves that, right? Ducklings? I don’t quite understand why.  I’ve been observing this place for a bit since it appeared in my sketchbook. I don’t know how to make you disappear. Weird things, they keep happening lately…. But that’s okay. Everything is an opportunity! Can you really hear me? I’m doing this right? [He taps the screen with his right index finger.]

I’m going to show you my invention. [He gestures to the thing around his neck, practically beaming with joy.] The Thneed!

[His hands moves to the guitar again and he starts to play and sing.] Everybody needs a thneed! A fine thing that all people nee…

[A loud, crashing sound can be heard and the boy stops, his face blank of expression for a moment, his fingers freeze over the guitar’s strings. He gives the camera another smile, a seriously unconvincing one as he tries to carry on with the song. He opens his mouth to keep signing and…another loud crash in the background. ]

Just a second, if you please. [He smiles at the camera, a bit more desperate now, and raises a finger to indicate that he will be back in a moment. A second later his cheerful expression falls before he sighs and moves away from the camera, his shoulder hunched. His voice can still be heard and he's more irritated now.]

I let you inside again because you said you were going to be the backup for the song, not trash my house all over, this is impor…ah? No, I don't know where’s the Lorax, maybe trying to drown someone else in the river. [That last comment carries some bitter in its tone.] I’m a  bit busy now I can’t help you look for hi…ey wait, come back..you said you would help! ..Ah, nevermind then.

[The camera jolts suddenly as the boy takes it on his hands. From that new angle you can see that he was talking to the Barbaloots, a group of creatures that look like some sort of bear that are now walking out the door, and…..yes, that is a fish leaving the house as well. The boy watches them go with a little frown and then looks back at the screen, a shy apologetic look on his face.]

That didn’t exactly go as planned. So much for a great presentation. Hi, I’m Once-ler. The local animals in this Valley are a bit odd, but one gets used to them quickly. They are cute too. Don't mind them! 

As I was saying before I got interrupted, now it's your opportunity to buy a very exclusive Thneed. [Once-ler takes the pink thing around his neck and shows it to the camera. It has a weird shape and it’s not very clear what exactly it is.]

The Thneed can fulfill all your possible needs at a very affordable price. The Thneed is a bag, it’s a scarf, could be a hat! [He starts to sing the song again, and the feed suddenly cut off.]