19 November 2012 @ 10:24 pm
029 ☼  
I'm not sure what postzygoats mechanisms of Reproductive Isotopes have to do with anything or how I'm going to write underwater. I'll figure out a way, just like the invention of underwater soccer, but does anyone want to get together a study group?
22 September 2012 @ 04:17 pm
028 ☼ Video  
[The video turns on to show Tidus smiling easily and...playing some sort of gaming system. He puts the controller down, and leans forward a little.]

I've been so busy lately. I went on vacation with some of the others, and then we all had to attend the awards ceremony. It was a lot of fun, and we won three awards.

I still don't know if they're thinking of a sequel yet. I don't see how they would, the story's pretty much over. They're being vague about it, so for now rumors are just rumors. And that's fine with me. I'm thinking of trying for a more serious role before I end up getting typecast.

Do you think if I dyed my hair back, people would take me more seriously?
09 September 2012 @ 03:02 am
027 ☼ Video  
[Tidus is--unsurprisingly--sitting on his bed. The room occasionally lights up thanks to the lightning that occurs around him. Despite this, he smiles and waves, pulling up his legs to his chest as he talks.]

It's a good thing Rikku isn't here. She would totally freak out. I think this is another virus though...but I don't understand it at all. Everyone will just have to put up with it.

...But I guess that's easier to do when I don't have anything left to do. I'm not like some idiots, I don't go running off to play make believe in my own, curse-word filled way. I hat--OW!

[He jumps, struck by his own lightning, and falls off the bed before he scowls at the ceiling. Yep, he's not smiling anymore.]
19 August 2012 @ 01:22 am
026 ☼ Video  
[The video turns on to show a city, very similar to Zanarkand before it was destroyed. Suddenly, amidst the chatter screaming can be heard as several fiends appear out of nowhere to attack. Everything seems hopeless when...]

Stop right there!

[Someone starts approaching, and once closer he might be familiar, despite the outfit change which happens to be in his favorite colors: yellow and black. Shouting through his megaphone, he continues on.]

You've had your fun in my town for too long! Now it's time for good to finally score its winning goal. You don't stand a chance against me! I've been training for a while three hours for this chance. Give me all you got, because Sailor Sunshine isn't going to go easy on you!

[With that, he conjures his magical, sparkly Blitzball, bouncing it a few times before smiling cheerfully.]
05 July 2012 @ 11:25 pm
025 ☼ Video  
[Tidus doesn't look interested in talking when he notices the Community is up, but he gives a small wave anyway.]

Hi, Community. I don't really have anything to say, and I don't have any thought provoking, life changing questions to ask you either. I don't even have any random questions to ask. I guess I could just keep talking, until the Community gets so sick of my voice it just shuts itself off.

[He looks up at the ceiling, expression unreadable, before looking back at the camera again and shrugging with a vague smile.]

Fine, I'll think of something. Do you have a favorite story?
25 May 2012 @ 06:37 pm
024 ☼ Video  
[Tidus is sitting on his bed in his new room.]

A few hours ago, I noticed I could hold and move things again.

As long as I do this.

[With little thought, he creates a crystal armor that encompasses his entire body. He lifts up a pencil, twirling it in his hands, marveling it.]

This is another virus, isn't it? That means it's not going to last. I wonder what else I could do.

[ooc: Tidus has crystal mimicry.]
05 May 2012 @ 10:50 am
023 ☼ Video  
[The video opens to a field of flowers, all lavender or blue or some similar color. Waterfalls roar down nearby, stacked upon more waterfalls, but there's no mist hitting the ground. A short distance later, the earth seems to just simply end, showing a sky with nothing but a burnt golden sky. Pyreflies dance a few feet off the ground, humming gently. The only thing is the flowers never seem to move at all. There's a figure walking, but it's hard to make out. The video cuts off after showing a pair of sneakers in front of it.

Some time later, the video turns back on, but the scenery has changed. Other than what appears to be a stone path, the world simply seems empty, void of anything other than more pyreflies and a golden fog that seems to go dark every few minutes. The pyreflies grow louder, seemingly excited about something. They start to gather into the form of a person. As the figure becomes more detailed, the pyreflies quiet, until eventually it's pretty clear that it's Tidus, albeit a Tidus composed of pyreflies. Occasionally they float out of his body, until more return. He frowns deeply, too distracted to instantly realize he's being recorded.]

Am I dreaming?

[ooc: an apology for my recent activity, but now I'll stop spamming.]
02 May 2012 @ 03:30 pm
022 ☼ Video  
[The video turns on to show Tidus. He looks tired, more tired than anyone has ever seen him. His face is smudged with dirt, and still red from shed and unshed tears. Yet despite the fact that a piece of him has been broken, there's a determination, a fierce stubborn intent set on one thing. He's come to far now, and he won't let it all be in vain.]

cut for youtube videos, and potentially upsetting topics/character death. )

[ooc: so yep, that's the end of the first game! While I'm still not certain where I'm going with his cannon, I am not dropping Tidus and for the time being he can speak to people on the Farplane. He won't be responding to comments on this post, give him a few days, but characters are free to react. I'll make a new post later regarding that.]
29 April 2012 @ 10:59 am
021 ☼ Video  
[Tidus is standing up on the deck of the Fahrenheit, but judging by his giggling, and the way he sways, he's very much intoxicated.]


[He spins on his heel, catching himself as he runs from each side, cupping his hands over his mouth and shouting at the top of his lungs.]


[Thankfully, the ship makes a sharp turn, or he just falls anyway, ending that sentence before he finishes it. He looks a little perplexed, before he hits the deck with his palm and smiles brightly.]

I wonder I-- I bet I could fly this thing. Everyone should get over here right now...I'm gonna fly this air-thing into space!
20 April 2012 @ 11:47 am
020 ☼ Video  
[Something about Tidus is different this time. It's subtle, and kind of hard to point out. There's a slight shift in his eyes and expression, his characteristic smirk lacking any kindness and not reaching his eyes. But he looks completely at ease about something.]

I guess there's a reason why I've always tried to avoid thinking too much. I was afraid of realizing the truth. Seymour had it right all along. We can't keep running from death, or try to fight it off. I can't protect Yuna from it, and there's no way I can protect her, or anyone else, from getting hurt.

This is just going to keep happening, isn't it? [He glances at the sky, voice hollow.] It's a cycle that's been going on for a thousand years. A cycle that went on before that. Just a different face and nickname. The only thing I can do, that any of us can do, is decide how we face it. I'm not going to let some stupid old parasite or statues playing god decide for me. If this is how it's going to be for me and Yuna, I'm taking all of Spira with me.
06 April 2012 @ 07:42 pm
019 ☼ posted from [personal profile] ifbymyhands ☼ Text  
Hi Community, it's me, Kano. I'm not trelling here or anything. I've been busy doing whatever it is the people who know me really well normally expect me to be doing, and nothing...uncharacteristic of what I'd normally be doing!

I learned I've been rooming with someone who's undead, but it's cool and not at all uncharacteristic of me being Kano.
07 March 2012 @ 03:48 pm
018 ☼ Video  
[When the video turns on, Tidus isn't smiling. He doesn't even appear energetic. Instead, he seems to stare at something else, something that's not there. After a few seconds of that, he scratches the back of his head awkwardly, bites the corner of his lip, and starts to speak.]

What are you supposed to do when you find out you're made up? Hypothetically. And if you knew that if you kept going on the same route, you would-- you wouldn't be there for the party, but it's to save someone you care about, so you would still do it, wouldn't you?

I guess, I thought maybe since it's a community and everything, and there are other worlds and all, maybe someone somewhere has some experience in it.
03 March 2012 @ 11:01 am
Characters: Tidus and Jecht.
Summary: Father/Son dysfunctional bonding time. Adapted from a non-DDD canon thread we did here, edited slightly to bring in line with DDD canon.

To quote TS Eliot: Not with a bang, but a whimper. )
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14 February 2012 @ 06:21 am
017 ☼ Video  
Uh...I guess I should learn by now.

[The video shows Tidus from the torso up at first. Normal, right? But he pulls it down to show his aqua blue mermaid tail which is just sort of splashing the water in the lake.]

I ate an apple, and then this cupcake...it's free food and you try cooking fiends, but I think the cupcake was okay! I hope no one else has noticed yet, but considering I haven't heard anyone freak out, I don't think they have.
04 February 2012 @ 09:31 pm
016 ☼ Video  
[The video starts at about 0:30.]

youtube video under the cut... )

[Almost immediately after, it cuts off. Again, several hours pass before Tidus replies. Daylight has ended and it's in the middle of night. He's sitting somewhere in Macalania woods, alone. He looks a little tired.]

It's all just one big cycle of death. Why-- why does everything have to revolve around people dying?! Summoners being sent to their death, people dying in hopes that there will be enough power to stop the deaths...

[He pauses, slumping and stares at the sky before asking as an afterthought.]

Can you marry a dead guy?
10 January 2012 @ 05:21 pm
015 ☼ Video  
[The video turns on to reveal a round room. Tidus goes running past, skidding to a halt next to the rest of his fellow guardians.]


youtube video under the cut... )

[After 1:02-3:11 plays, the screen goes dark. Tidus doesn't respond for several hours. When the video comes back on, he's surrounded by old ruins and about knee deep in water. Mist rises swirls around him due to the cold, and he looks like he might have been shivering.]

So, you know that guy who I was worried was going to marry Yuna? We just killed him. I'm going to go check on the others now.

[The video ends for a while, again. Only this time, when he shows up again, he's standing in water...in a desert oasis. He leans forward into the camera, still looking a bit dazed and disoriented.]

Thanks for the ride.
02 December 2011 @ 02:48 pm
013 ☼ Video  
[Community, have an uncomfortable looking Tidus. He's frowning to himself pensively, but then it turns more angry. His head snaps up as he looks into the screen.]

I've got a question! Why do you think people should marry? I mean, shouldn't it be about love?
25 November 2011 @ 07:10 pm
012 ☼ Video  
[Well, Tidus is a guy again. Except he's dressed differently than normal, wearing something more casual in favor of his normal athletic attire. He's in a circular, colorful room with wide windows that reveal a city, all high-tech and bright lights. Actually, it really resembles his Zanarkand. He isn't admiring the view though, he hardly notices it. He's eyeing the desk, and he walks over to it and starts to go through its contents. He pauses and picks up an old, used book.]

Everything else in his office is brand new, like he couldn't stand the thought of anything used. So why would the dead guy have this old thing? Weird.

[He starts to read through it, walking around and unable to stay still as he does. He seems to finally notice he's being filmed and pauses, spinning around and smiling brightly.]

Community, I've got a question for you! What's the best murder you ever came across?
18 November 2011 @ 09:28 am
011 ☼ Video  
[When the video turns on, it's clearly Tidus... and clearly Tidus isn't normally female. Luckily, he's in his inn room alone, but he waves his hands a little as he speaks in an anxious, panicky manner.]

So, I know I should be doing my job as a guardian right now and all...but what am I supposed to do about this? I can't go out there!
09 November 2011 @ 09:17 pm
010 ☼ Video  
Any ideas on how to handle guarding a girl who gets kidnapped every few days?