01 November 2012 @ 07:56 pm
[video; backdated to Halloween; oh god this post is huge] Oh. He was already THERE.  

((Please note that the video contains rapidly flashing colours and also blood! If you choose to watch it anyway, please pause at 2:11. If you don't, then do have some accompanying music. :u))

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31 October 2012 @ 03:49 pm
Video/ Halloween thing/ engagements. engagements everywhere.  
[ Castiel seems uncertain. There's a deft pause before he speaks as he finds the right words to say. Hey, this is hard for an angel that knows almost knowing about human customs! ] Utsuho, ...will you marry me? [ Doesn't matter than he really shouldn't be getting married at any point. ]

I... [ She appears more docile than ever, her face flushing red. It's dramatic enough that it would fit right into some soap opera. ] Yes.

[ He slips the ring onto her finger. DDD's resident angel in a trench coat seems to have successfully tamed the youkai from Hell, until Utsuho pretty much just gives Castiel the embrace of his life-- by tackling him to the ground. The feed cuts. ]
15 October 2012 @ 10:57 am
39; turducken vs crow; caw caw motherfuckers; blame the cueball  
[ The community is treated to a spectacular, hammy, battle of epic proportions. It's a final boss vs final boss fight. Magic and flares and danmaku make impossible patterns in the night sky all the way up to the stratosphere; the resulting image is a wash of vibrant colors on a black canvas. ] Kefka....! [ Suddenly from no where- klaxons blare twice and radioactive caution symbols appear. In contrast to how she so passionately stated his name, she wickedly grins now as she points upwards. ] Prepare yourself.

[ After a moment of gathering energy, she makes a fist, and a chain of explosions occur. A sun explodes into existence above her, then another one, then another one, and she wields them effortlessly. These are her weapons, and she mercilessly throws them towards him. ]

[Kefka, six-winged and panting, dodges one sun, then gestures, casts, shoots a line of lightning at her. She attack connects but does little damage, and she laughs. He dodges the second sun and volleyballs a fireball at her, which she waves away. He then gets hit in the face with the third sun and does a backflip onto his face in midair. He shoves himself up; blood runs down his nose and over his mouth.]

That's it! The end comes near!

[Kefka starts chanting and gesturing; his eyes glow as he prepares this attack. Okuu prepares her own sun attack and - ]


[Bronze energy bursts from him in a sphere; it knocks Okuu flat on her ass, which gives Kefka time to fly over and whap her upside the head.]

What are you doing?!

[ Needless to say she had not been expecting to be hit so easily and so suddenly. The attack leaves her stunned, but the hit to the head seems to literally knock sense into her. ] Unyu... I was... [ She rubs her head, glaring a him, the suns that still burn, and then him again. She seems to be putting two and two together. ] Attacking you! I was attacking you! And then I was going to eat you afterwards....'cause someone told me you are a god.

Just because I'm a god doesn't mean I'm delicious. I barely have any meat on me anyway. [He lifts his shirt; his ribs are showing. Then he shoves it back down.] Who's the jerk going around spreading rumors that I'm the Thanksgiving turducken?

[ A thanksgiving what? Utsuho scratches her head, apparently thinking. ] Mm, that one guy who talks in white...

Him again?! That's it! I'm tired of his chocobo crap! Let's feed him to you instead! [Kefka offers his hand to Utsuho so she can get up and they can go beat Doc Scratch together.

On Utsuho's end, her eyes light up at that. It sounds like a perfect idea! She takes the hand, standing up. A cannon begins to form around her arm. ]
I don't know if fried cue-ball head tastes good or not, but we'll find out!
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05 September 2012 @ 07:48 pm
[ It's well known that the community likes to show untimely deaths. Maybe it's a good thing, considering those who care would not be able to find out if a friend died or not anyway else. ] 

Cut for destruction and character death )
26 August 2012 @ 09:45 pm
Video | Canon Start |  
[ The video shows Okuu, looking as normal as ever about to address the community. Then something catches her attention all to suddenly. She drops whatever she's using as the camera, forgetting about it altogether. ]

There's a click of the tongue from someone off screen, almost motherly. A woman speaks.] My, how thin you look...

OOC cut for length and content )
18 August 2012 @ 06:47 pm
[There's a scream that's very audible at first, the video clicking on shortly after to reveal a young woman being cornered by some ruffians in the street. It's a Renaissance view, the area mostly like a certain Italian's world. Cars go by and-

Wait. Cars? Since when did the Renaissance have cars? And the men are going after the woman's purse? They had purses back then? What is going on here.

Well, fear not, for your questions shall be answered! Because as luck would have it, there is an incoming shadow of a bird seen, and a few seconds later, a feather sails by one of the thug's faces, sticking right into the wall. Both of them look up, and back, just to see a figure crouched on the ledge of the building behind them.]

Truly, you'd prey on the weak just to feel better about yourself? And a woman, no less.

[It's rather obvious that it's a male, and for those who know him, would most likely know that it's Ezio. Watching the two men, he leaps down, the outfit he wears bearing semblance to the style of the world he is somehow now in. Robes like the assassin ones he will wear in the future, and a Venetian mask to cover a part of his face, are prominent. Another flick of his wrist, and a few more feathers sail, pinning the criminals to the wall, leaving the woman free. For a moment she clutches her purse, terrified, until she realizes this masked man saved her.

Ezio continues to speak to the two men, obviously irked as he stares them both down.]

I would have perhaps expected better from gentlemen, but it seems you two are nowhere near the case.

[A moment passes and then he gently extends his hand towards her, trying to not seem intimidating.]

Are you hurt?

N-no, thank you. Who are you?

You may call me La Maschera.

[His brief rescue is cut short as a bird flies overhead.]

Maschera, Maschera! We have trouble! In the city!

[He sighs, but grins all the same. Dashing away, he climbs the wall again, and blows a kiss to the girl as he disappears over the edge and away from sight.]

[[both Okuu ([personal profile] omnomsgods) and Ezio ([personal profile] novicius) will be responding]]
20 June 2012 @ 08:15 pm
Cut for graphic wounds )

Scrambled eggs are better. Tch.

[ After a moment: ] Anyone got something to eat? I'll do anything. As long as it's not scrambled eggs.

[ Contradictory, much? Yes. But she lost a bet. And she's not the most graceful of losers. ]
09 June 2012 @ 06:23 pm
[ video ] Too many feels...  
[She's not in the sorching flames of Former Hell, but in a esquisite, western style kitchen that's supposed to be used  by a staff of twenty. No one but her is there, and the emptiness makes the room appear twice as large. Before her is a large steel pot of boiling water, and in one hand she carries a basket filled with nothing but eggs. Gingerly, she takes one and adds it to the pot.] My favorite [two eggs] way to cook  [three eggs] eggs [four eggs] is to [five eggs] hard [six eggs] boil [seven eggs] them. [Screw it- she dumps the rest of the eggs into the pot. The virus granted her Karen's feelings- patience, among other things. Waiting the twelve or so minutes for the meal to be done could not be less fine by her. She points a spoon towards the camera.] Any other way of cooking them is stupid.

[And that would be an extra sense of superiority.]
20 April 2012 @ 03:36 pm
[ video ] Timewarp virus.  
[ stars on a black background should be a familiar sight to anyone who has bothered to look up at the night sky. but this view? it's clear, it's spectacular, but it hardly captures the enormity of the universe not pictured as well as the hidden universe expressed upon strings of information yet to make its way from billions of light years away... ] I have advice for all of you.
[ ...and the winged woman on the screen? she sits within the prenumbra of all this, rightly proud of the view she is allowed to show on the screen. she could be talking to no one. she seems as if she is talking to no one. she must think herself generous, to care this much to speak to no one. or perhaps she's simply rehearsing something. ] Don't even try to control, take over, or destroy the world. [ a beat. ] Big mistake. It won't work for long. [ if it seems as if she speaks as if she knows- well. that's because she does. ]