13 April 2012 @ 08:46 pm
Just what does a girl have to do to get a favor around here?
Trick question.
The answer is nothing!
If I know anything a8out this place I know that you dimwits' favorite thing is falling all over to prostrate yourselves in front of the slightest chance of friendship.
So step right on up, and I might just invite you to see what I'm planning!
So? Are you feeling curious? Are you feeling luuuuuuuucky? 8888)
08 January 2012 @ 11:36 am
> John and Vriska: Celebrate a very important date.  
-- ectoBiologist [EB] began pestering DramaDramaDuck [DDD] --


cut for a hideous blingee image courtesy of suki )

this is john egbert, and i have an incredibly important announcement to make!
this announcement is so incredibly important that the president himself would make it if he hadn't gotten blown up by meteors.
it's a big deal.
and here it is........

......... today is nicolas cage's birthday!
some of you might be from horrible nightmare worlds where nic cage doesn't exist, but that's ok.
all you need to know is that he is pretty much the best.

Weeeeeeeell, he's not 8ad, for a pink scruffy wife8eaterly human man!
and we're making him a birthday card!
... uh, "we" being me and vriska, haha.
anyway, we wanted all of you guys to sign it so we can let him know how great he is across the MULTIVERSE.
so if everyone could just... give me something to put on it and your name??
thanks guys!!! :D

... also, does anyone know how we could get the card to him?????
we could sort of use some help there.
14 December 2011 @ 07:35 pm
Hey, humans!
I need to ro8 one of your movie theaters around 1997.
It will go veeeeeeeery well for you if you help me out!
There are many 8enefits to having me as a friend.
In fact, I would say there are all the 8enefits!
So? Who's first in line to receive all these 8oons and perks????????
17 October 2011 @ 07:39 pm
All twelve young trolls stand on a platform facing a huge, black monstrosity. With a lot of tentacles.

Wait. Twelve? Actually there are hundreds of them. Hundreds of Aradias are gathered in the black, starry sky.

Tentacles slash everywhere, delivering humiliating drubbings and sly gropes that are probably not entirely worksafe. Aradias explode one by one, darting in to take blows that would have killed her friends, but there are still dozens more. Sollux and all the Aradias distract the monster with telekinetic blows while the others aggress with their own weapons.

Other than Gamzee. He's not really doing much.

Vriska rolls perfect 8s, and the monster only shrugs off the most powerful blow she can muster. All seems lost.

Suddenly Gamzee seems to awaken to what's going on. He pulls out a weapon and delivers a blow that leaves all of the others completely stunned, and instantly slays the enormous beast.

Shocked and elated by their unexpected victory, the twelve troll children gather on the platform in front of a huge door. [[As in the latter part of this video]] Karkat reaches for the doorknob, intending to take his prize, but suddenly a green glow erupts from the middle of the platform. The door is cleft in two by a huge sword as another monster, with one arm and black wings and a snarling, doglike snout, appears and attacks them.

One of the Aradias dives forward, telekinesis gathering all of her friends close, onto a platform in the middle of the floor. As the doglike monster attacks, all twelve trolls teleport away, leaving the beast to snarl impotently and take out its fury on the remaining Aradiabots, all of which are destroyed in an instant.

The monster then flies to a nearby golden planet, with a moon tethered to it by a huge golden chain, and destroys the entire planet with a single blow.

[OOC: Holy shit, canon move. All the trolls are now in the Veil. Some of them may make posts of their own, but all of them are also welcome to threadhop and reply to anyone replying in this post. Where doing this! Where making this hapen!]
02 October 2011 @ 12:00 pm
I'm suuuuuuuure you all saw River posting a8out pir8s.
Well hold onto your hats, 8ecause I am a8out to offer you the chance of a lifetime!
A chance for victory.
A chance for 8ooty!!!!!!!!
(And 8ecause I have aaaaaaaall the luck, it isn't a chance. It's a certainty! ::::D )
The first 8 people to volunteer will get the opportunity to 8e in myyyyyyyy pir8 crew!
This is a rare and coveted honor. I can't even 8egin to explain how many people would 8e chomping at the 8it for it, if they only knew!
Don't you feel lucky????????
You get to serve under an expeeeeeeeerienced and ruthless leader! Just like a pir8 captain should 8e.
Signups are open...
21 September 2011 @ 08:34 am
[River looks better than she did last time! She looks relaxed, even if she's not smiling.]

Vriska and I are going to play pirates. But there are arrangements to be made. I made a list. [She smiles, now, and holds up said list.] See? Very orderly.

First requirement is a world. Somewhere good for pirates. An ocean with real ships. We're going to be very serious about this. Pirates are no joke, not even playing pretend pirates. Volunteer worlds? Suggestions? We promise not to destroy the ships. Badly.

Der zweite. Swords. Wooden. Bones are brittle, skin is soft and it cuts, too much of a hazard for metal, but wood is safe. We're not that delicate.

Dì sān, more crew members. Two is not enough. Pirates were not individuals. We need more for a war, teams for a battle. [Her smile returns.] Play with us? Vriska will screen you. She's very picky about pirates. Sensible. We can't have a faulty crew. You'll probably pass inspection.

That's all. Response is vital.
24 August 2011 @ 10:52 pm
[ It's a normal daydream for Vriska-- she's the most badass of the pirates, her enemies are throwing themselves at her feet after she defeats them in single combat, she's swimming in piles of loot, etc. etc. all going as expected.

And then her first mate comes into the cabin and he is looking very sexy in his wifebeater and jeans and scraggly hair (and glasses? no, those are gone a second later, this is 100% nic cage). In fact, he comes in a few times, as she thinks about what would be the most dramatic, but she settles on him coming in drenched from the rain while explosions occur behind him ]

"The fleet's taken care of, Humminbird."

[ she quirks her lips ]

"You would dare to address your superior officer in such a personal manner?"

"Ah reckon that right's been earned, what with me savin' your life yesterday."

"A technicality. Surely I would have released myself within seconds, had you not deigned to carry out your natural duties as my first mate."

[ yadda yadda the florid pirate prose continues, and after TENSE BANTER and MEANINGFUL LOOKS MindfangVriska and Nic Cage fall into each other's arms and commence with the sloppy makeouts. ]
18 July 2011 @ 01:03 pm
[accidental video] >Kanaya: Be Badass  
[First, the scene opens on Eridan, Gamzee and Vriska going to one spot for what seems to be a showdown of some sorts.

But it doesn't get far. Gamzee and Vriska look confused briefly as Kanaya suddenly runs into the video, glowing like a light bulb. She then slams her foot in-between Gamzee's legs and sends him flying over the edge of the cliff in a large arc. Jesus, she must be strong. He gives one long honk as his hat and sunglasses fly off his head. Man, Kanaya looks pissed.

Cut for Violence )
16 July 2011 @ 08:11 pm
So appaaaaaaaarently, according to Captain Jack Sparrow, you humans have a whole mythos around our troll sym8ols!
Which is awesome.
You want to worship us and I respect that!
You call mine Scorpio, and its tooooooootally the coolest one.
Scorpios are powerful and intense! Yeah!!!!!!!!
I didn't google any of the others 8ecause I don't give a shit, there is no way they'll 8e any 8etter than that.
So come talk to me, all you daaaaaaaangerous Scorpios!
You'd 8etter live up to my legacy!!!!!!!!
04 July 2011 @ 12:18 am
[ accidental video ]  
[Vriska and John are sitting on a comfy-looking armchair together watching some kind of movie. The only problem seems to be that the armchair is only big enough for... one person. And they are sitting on it anyway. Yes, ladies and gentlemen and trolls, Vriska is sitting on John's lap. They're sort of wrapped around each other and sprawled out all over the armchair. Vriska's legs are over the armrest, and John is leaning on her stomach.]

Joooooooohn, this movie is turning out to be pretty disappointing in the action department!

No, shhhh, something cool is about to happen! [John flaps his hands at Vriska; she snorts and kicks him lightly in the head, which is a bit of a weird stretch to manage.] Don't worry, keep watching, there's about to-- oh!!!

[SUDDENLY EXPLOSION NOISES. They both cheer. And continue to look suspiciously like a sappy adorable teenage couple snuggling on an armchair watching an extremely shitty movie together.]
02 July 2011 @ 10:14 pm
[anonymous, so no troll text]  
Let's say, for example, one of your closest friends went down a path of moral disintegration that you couldn't stop and now another friend is doing the exactly same thing. Not the same deeds, exactly, put going down that same metaphorical path.

What would you do?
21 June 2011 @ 06:09 pm
[ video ] ======> Thief: Rise Up  
image-heavy )
21 June 2011 @ 07:24 am
[Video] > Aradia: Make Her Pay  
This video opens on an almost idyllic scene. Vriska and Tavros are flying through the air over a forested world of temples on islands linked by bridges. Vriska is wearing a pair of rocket boots and Tavros is flying in a rocket chair. The two young trolls are twisting and corkscrewing through the air, racing each other and laughing with delight.

Vriska dives towards a bridge and flips over in mid-air to go feet-first, slamming one foot into the chest of an imp. It dies instantly, turning into a pile of what look almost like delicious Fruit Gushers. Vriska collects them, and then looks up in surprise as Aradia appears in the air.

Aradia is flying, too, using only her telekinetic powers. She dives forward and kicks Vriska in the face. Blue blood spatters everywhere.

The robot seems maddened, enraged. She grabs Vriska by the collar and punches her again, breaking her glasses. Then she tosses Vriska through the air with her telekinesis. Vriska crashes into a stone building, and rocks fly everywhere from the force of the impact. Then she's lifted high and crashed downwards into a bridge, destroying it as well.

Aradia lifts her enemy high one last time, power crackling around her. Vriska is covered in blood, unconscious or dead, and Aradia is spattered with it, too.

Then Aradia sees Tavros, looking on in horror and fear. She smiles at him, calming, and drops Vriska to the ground. Vriska lands like a broken ragdoll, and Aradia spreads her hands. Her time-tables appear and then she vanishes, and Tavros is left alone with Vriska, who can just barely be seen to be still breathing.

[OOC: The flash animation that covers this is here and I highly recommend watching it to get the full impact of what Aradia just did! The first third is flashback about how Terezi was blinded, and the second third is just general stuff about what the troll kids are doing about now in the story, so you can ignore those bits for this canon update. It's a beautiful flash, not very long, and well worth watching]
14 May 2011 @ 07:15 am
> [A] John: Serenade Vriska.  
-- ectoBiologist [EB] began pestering DramaDramaDuck [DDD] --
-- ectoBiologist [EB] is now voice-chatting with DramaDramaDuck [DDD] --

[Today, you are EXTREMELY HORRIBLY NERVOUS. There is a GOOD REASON for this! But you are sitting dutifully in front of your computer, and you clear your throat awkwardly. And then laugh, high-pitched and nervously. And then clear your throat again.]

O-okay, so, um, I wanted to do something for Vriska for our, you know, dating anniversary and stuff! And to express my... h-hahaha, feelings, and, uh, yeah. Anyway, I wanted to kind of surprise her, and I thought it would be cool if she checked the community and she was like "oh, look at this post by John, I am so surprised!" because she totally wasn't expecting it! So, er, here is that post. If it wasn't clear, I mean. I'm going to sing a song for her! So, this is a song for my lovely girlfriend, Vriska Serket.

[And then some MUSIC starts to play, and you sing a song for your lovely girlfriend, VRISKA SERKET.]

♪ How do IIiiiiii get through one night without youuuuu? If I had to live without you, what kind of life would that beeeeee? Oh, Iiiii... I need you in my arms, need you to hooooold! You're my world, my heart, my soul... If you ever leaaave, baby that would take away everything good in my life! And tell me now...

HOW DO I LIIIIIIVE WITHOUUUUT YOU? I want to know! HOW DO I BREAAAATHE WITHOUUUUT YOU? If you ever goooo! How do I eeever... ever surVIIIIIIIIVE? ♪

[You proceed to sing the entire song. It is HEARTFELT and BEAUTIFUL and TEAR-INDUCING. Hell. Fucking. Yes.]
05 April 2011 @ 04:46 pm
What is this, message 8oard roleplaying?
What are you, a 8unch of gru8s too scared to try the real stuff? ::::)
When Tavros is less of a sadsack than you, you have major pro8lems.
8ut today's your lucky day!!!!!!!!
8ecause I, Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, will 8e my awesome helpful self and give you a desperately needed kick in the 8ehind.
So turn your central sense organ complexes to the sky and try to drag a winner's attitude out of the sniveling depths of your lo8e stems!!!!!!!!
Just 8ecause you can't ever 8e as awesome as me doesn't mean you can't try 8888)