12 July 2012 @ 01:16 pm
[Video ~ canon move]  
[A boat can be seen sailing through what appears to be some green slime... although anybody who knows about the human body may recognise that you're now seeing inside of it. What's that tour boat doing there...?]

[A pair of green blobs dressed as tourists are with Cosmo and Wanda and one of them speaks.]

For a germ you certainly ask a lot of obvious questions...

[Cosmo pops up and replies.]

We're not germs. We're magic!

[The male tourist blob takes a photograph of the fairies. The lady blob speaks up.]

Well, we're the stomach flu. We're contagious... Watch and learn.

[She touches some vertical part of the body and it all turns a sickly green.]
16 June 2012 @ 02:59 am
8th Wish // Video \\ Event End // Locked From Crocker  
[Wanda taps the glass of the camera lens.]


Oh! It's on, good. So...I'm not sure how many noticed but there might have been a little more bad luck, or horribly inconvenient coincidences, happening lately.

[She pauses a moment before grinning sheepishly.]

Uhm, sorry about that but it's all fixed now. So don't worry about anything!

[She shuts off the feed after that.]
25 March 2012 @ 09:51 pm
tth Wish // Voice \\ Backdated to 15th  
So like, I'm not gonna question whatever magic this is, right? Just going with the flow, even with something as far out as this.

[Yes...that is Wanda speaking but her tone seems a little well. Off.

Of course. Then she speaks up again.

Sort of.]

I already explained to you. This is part of that internet we told you about. A community....oh just ask your question. We still need to figure out what's going on.

Oh, just be cool. There's no hurry; Denzel will still be surprised.

So. What would be the like most groovy way to surprise a ten year old. He is like completely ace and the little guy deserves it.

...I really wish I could remember all this.

((ooc: heh really backdated >>. Anyways! Have...two Wandas! One (in magenta) from the 1970's and regular Wanda! Either or both will respond! Along with Timmy, Lil' Denzel and Cosmo(s) XD Enjoy!))
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19 February 2012 @ 09:20 am
[Accidental Video - Backdated to Valentines Day]  
[There's absolute chaos going on with dirty men and women dressed like ancient Greeks are attacking each other in a war of the sexes. Timmy looks on in horror as this unfolds around him. A heart shaped light appears from the sky, the video abruptly ends at this point]

[Replies can come from Timmy, Crocker, Cosmo or Wanda]

30 January 2012 @ 09:38 am
[After the incident a few days ago Timmy is seen walking down a road towards the school. The roads and houses are wet as he goes by. Timmy comments that "the snow has finally melted now that it's not Christmas anymore" to himself, or so the viewer would think. He's actually talking to Cosmo and Wanda. After a while he arrives in the school and walks through the corridor to his classroom. There a children in there already, Timmy sits in his spot and sets down his pink and green stationary. The teacher isn't there yet]

Maybe he's not coming in? [As the murmurs of the prospect of having a subsitute teacher erupt from the students. In walks Crocker dressed in colourful clothes and brown pants. Everyone including Timmy stops talking and just stares at the Teacher and his choice of clothes today. No one says a word, Timmy looks down at the table and his stationary before looking back at Crocker confused by what Crocker is wearing]

[OOC: Replies can come from Crocker, Timmy, Cosmo or Wanda]

25 November 2011 @ 09:47 am
[Video] Pokemon virus  
[Timmy seems to be in a rush as he throws on his hat and shoes. He stands up and throws on his backpack. He has a determined smile on his face as he looks his two pokeballs]

My pokemon journey starts today!
20 November 2011 @ 05:38 pm
[ video ]  
[ What's this? Yuri's in a kitchen in what looks like a really well-to-do house and smiling while she starts putting a bunch of riceballs on plates. ]

Guys! Lunch is ready!

[ A bunch of younger kids, ranging in age from 9 to 12, come running into the kitchen. The one girl has hair like Yuri's but half in pigtails and the other girl and boy have got brown hair, both short. Yuri helps the smallest one into his chair before realizing the community is recording her and sticks her tongue out at it, before... ]

"Yuri, Yuri! I left your ig-igwaaana in the couch! She wasn't playing hide and seek vewy good so I helped!"

[ Flat stare from Yuri. Okay, time to go find Wanda. Yuri wanders off, then sits down on the couch after pulling Wanda out and opens her laptop to address the community. ]

Long time no see!

{{ooc: Takes place after this thread, in which Yuri and Wanda go to save her lil siblings when she was 11. ;; She's like 17 now, so normal-age Yuri. }}
18 November 2011 @ 08:53 pm
6th Wish // Voice \\ AU  
Well this is going to be exciting! I'm getting a new Godchild today.

Poor thing could really use a hand too...sometimes I'm glad kids can get a second chance.

[Pause...there was a reason she was doing this. Oh yeah!]

If anyone knows Yuri, try to keep this all a surprise!

((ooc: Au virus~ Wanda never was Timmy's faerie, but! Now she is Yuri's faerie!!!))
10 November 2011 @ 07:22 pm
[Canon Move Pt 6]  
Hello, Dramadramaduck. As you may not know, I, Mr. Crocker! Have finally captured a fairy and am now RULER OF MY WORLD! Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha! Consider this a public announcement. Now, BOW DOWN before my might!

Was this all really necessary? [And yes that little voice is coming from the yellow sphere at the top of Crocker’s scepter. Which is holding a very scared/upset Wanda.]

YES! This is entirely necessary, little fairy.

You can’t do anything to them through the community, you know.

Oh, why not? Isn’t ‘world hopping’ basically magic and - WORM HOLES!

Uhm...what can I say that won’t end up with you trying it?

Give me a reason why I shouldn’t?

[Small pause to think before she looks up at Crocker.] There might be someone out there with stronger magic? [Hopefully...]

Mmmmm...I’m not exactly sure where Kefka’s magic is on the scale, exactly. However, Albus or Gellert were never able to interdimensionally hop. Although, they could ‘hop’ with - APPARITION! They didn’t process enough psychosis -

Really, he’s still talking...[She just line faces at the screen before pressing up against the walls of the sphere.]

And you have ‘something’ to say?

Yes. When are you going to let me go?

Mmmm.... What’s today?

Tuesday. [Smile!]

Wednesday. Thursday. NEVER!


Scream for help all you want, little fairy. You’re never getting out of there. Not as long as this world has been reshaped by your magic and my psychosis. [Pause] You don’t think magically changing Mt. Rushmore was over the top, do you? I DON’T!

[Just glaring up at Crocker before trying really, really hard not to roll her eyes.] That’s a rhetorical question, isn’t it.

Fairies are smart. Who knew.

[Wanda just floats back to the center of the sphere with a flat look.] Yeah, I’m pretty sure lots of people were wondering about that.

Do I detect - [Beep beep] Fancy that. It’s time for the hourly bowing down ceremony.

((ooc: Wanda speaking in pink. Responses will come from both Crocker and Wanda!!!))
08 November 2011 @ 06:50 pm
[Canon Move Pt 5]  

(Replies will be hours later when the world is back to how it should be with humans ruling. Replies will be from Cosmo, Crocker, Timmy, Jorgen or Wanda. THREADJACKING ENCOURAGED!)
05 November 2011 @ 03:33 pm
5th Wish // Voice // Canon Move part 2! // Locked from Timmy and Crocker  
Well, I've seen some people go to this place for answers so. It can't hurt to try it out.

My uhm...well someone I know just found out that parent's tell little white lies. He's taking it pretty hard. I know lying is wrong but sometimes hiding the truth is necessary.

So, does anyone know how to handle telling a ten year old that his parents lie to him to keep him safe? None of my other kids ever figured the whole lying thing out until they were teenagers.

[Hence the invention of Rock'n'Roll.]
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22 October 2011 @ 07:52 pm
4th Wish // Accidental Video  

[The camaera actually shakes with the pure loudness of the scream. After a moment there's the sound of several poofs before a female faerie floats past the screen. Except...instead of the normal swirly pink hair, Wanda has a nice head of flame.]


[She clenches and something happens off screen. There's a sound of elephant trumpets? Then a monkey and a lions roar.]


[The camera is suddenly covered by a monkey, who leans in very close before screeching and knocking the webcam to the floor and ending the feed.]

((ooc: Wanda's Wrath...uhm...have fun :D?))
14 September 2011 @ 08:26 pm
3rd Wish // Video // Locked from Crocker  
[The video turns on to show a small human-like creature with wings, a crown and a very, very angry expression.]


Where's my wand?!
04 September 2011 @ 03:31 pm
2nd Wish //Accidental Voice  
[There's a bit of static and what sounds like a young boy saying something about ninja's before there's a beep and Wanda's voice comes over the community. She sounds a little worried.]

Timmy! Timmy come in!

Are you calling Timmy? Tell him Cosmo says hi!

Shush! Timmy you have to save us!

Come on, come on! Tell him I said hi!

We've been Faerie-napped. We don't know where we are-

Timmy? Is that you? Hi Timmy!!!

There isn't much time!!!"

[the feed suddenly cuts out. Looks like a wish gone bad!]

((ooc: FOP canon move! replies by Wanda or Cosmo will be made after Timmy saves them. Jorgen though will be replying in real time :D~!))
27 June 2011 @ 09:18 pm
1st Wish // Voice  
[There's the sound of keys clicking before a woman's voice gives a surprised 'oh'.]

Finally. After everything that's happened, I though this place really was something Cosmo dreamed up.

[A thoughtful silence before Wanda's voice comes out again; a little bit more annoyed now.]

So! Whose idea was it to trap my husband in the body of a ten year old boy?!
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