21 October 2012 @ 05:29 pm
⚔ 014 ⚔ Video ⚔  
[The feed turns on inside of the Captain's quarters, Will is smiling happily at the mirror holding a very small puppy. The puppy seems content to lick at Will's face while he tries to engage the community in a question.

Of course the puppy thinks he'd rather have the CAptain play with him and starts to tug at one of Will's coat collars.]

Don't do that. I'm not sure how I'd go about getting a new one.

Ah! Hello -no that tickles- hello Community...Uhm I seem to have -oh no not my mouth- to have acquired a small companion. Since it is very impossible for him to have reached my ship on his own, I wonder if anything odd is going on.

[He shows the small pup to the community before forgetting himself and playing with the dog until the feed cuts itself off.]
13 October 2012 @ 08:11 pm
Accidental Video;  
[The video opens, shaky, on the deck of the Dutchman. After a few seconds of flapping sails and crashing waves, there’s an indecipherable shout and two pairs of feet slam into view.

They pull away from the camera, and soon it becomes evident that it’s James and Will. Each of them has his sword drawn, and they’re circling each other cautiously, but not warily. It’s more as if they’re waiting, almost daring each other to make the next move.

After a few more beats, they engage, their swords clashing furiously. At first it seems like James has the advantage. He pushes William back, towards the steps of the forecastle, but rather than descend, Will grabs onto the rigging with one hand and hoists himself up, bracing his feet against the mast. Suspended there, almost entirely horizontal, he continues parrying James’s attack, until he jumps.

Suddenly, the fight turns in his favor. He pushes James back, to the Dutchman’s railing, and presses until James has no choice but to jump up. Will joins him, still pushing James back as they shuffle along the beam.

James makes a stand, refusing to retreat anymore, and for a while, it looks like they may be stuck. Then James slips -- falling into the ship, not off of it. He rolls, coming up quickly, but not quickly enough. Will’s sword is leveled at his throat.

James raises his eyebrow, tapping his sword lightly. At which point, Will notices that James’s sword is resting against the inside of his thigh, right above his femoral artery. Not as neat a death, but certain to kill him just the same. For a long moment, the two stare at eachother.

And then the video goes black.]
14 July 2012 @ 06:44 pm
⚔ 013 ⚔ Video ⚔  
[Hello, Duckies! The feed has turned on and currently is rolling across a deck. The small mirror spin on it's side a few times before stilling and showing Will being tossed against a rather dilapidated looking railing. The falling rain has soaked everything and gives the feed a slightly blurred look. Will is glaring up at a man with squid tentacles writhing along his chin. Will quickly glances across the deck and Davy Jones catches the look before smiling. The man says something but he's too far to be heard over the rain.

Suddenly there is a sword at Will's chin.]

Tell me Mister Turner, do you fear death?

[Will doesn't answer but Davy Jones is distracted by someone off camera. Will relaxes visibly and looks back across the deck with a smile.

The relief is short lived as Davy Jones turns suddenly and plunges the sword straight into Will's heart. Will manages a scream before falling back against the railing. There's a woman's scream as the video fades.

There's a low thunk and the camera managed to catch a hand stabbing a still beating heart before fading to black.]

((ooc: Will is dead! Responses will be canonly two days after this, with Will being the new Davy Jones.))
23 June 2012 @ 04:35 pm
⚔ 012 ⚔ Video ⚔  
[The cabin that Will is in is much cleaner and well kept then others the community has shown. He looks a bit...at odds with the surroundings but a shake of his head and he smiles politely to a man who informs him that Beckett will arrive shortly.

He looks outside at the ruckus between Navy Men and Jone's fish adorned sailors before turning his attention to the mirror in his hand.]

I'm sorry I haven't been available to keep everyone informed.

[A slight pause as someone walks past before he continues.]

I've only recently escaped Jack's idea of dignified quarters. As it seems...neither he nor Elizabeth recall this place. I would apologize but perhaps it's better this way.

[He puts the mirror down as a man enters the room. Beckett sits before him, the mirror offering an odd view of tea cups and biscuits being passed over it. A sudden sound of wood hitting wood doesn't phase either man.]

I can not be summoned like some mongrel pup!

Apperently you can. I do believe you know each other?

Ahaha, come to join my crew again, Master Turner?

Not yours. His.

[Beckett sets a cup of tea on the mirror, which seemed to be part of the tea set the whole time, and shuts the feed off.]
11 May 2012 @ 09:21 pm
⚔ 011 ⚔ Video ⚔  
[Forgive the sudden video. Will was trying to dry the little slip of magical cloth and somehow the video turned on. He looks honestly surprised that he can access the community from where he is but before he can say anything a voice catches his attention.]

Davy Jones never once gave up that what he took.

That doesn’t matter. We’re trapped here by your doing. No different then Jack.

[There’s a bit of a tense silence before a woman speaks up.]

Witty Jack...is closah den you tink.

[Will’s hands fall to his sides and the video feed shifts at the movement. It’s tilted oddly but the image it captures is impossible to misunderstand. A ship with black sails is moving over the edge of a rather impressive sand dune. Ships can’t sail sand though...well they can actually; with the help of thousands of small rock-like crabs.

If the viewers eyes are clear enough and the sun isn’t in the way, look to the tallest mast. A familiar silhouette is seen against the bright sky. The ship draws closer, allowing a clear (if still slightly far) look at one Captain Jack Sparrow.

The ship continues on, the wave of crustaceans pushing the ship clean into the open sea. With a splash that seems to snap Will from his trance he steps forward. The little slip of cloth falls aside, covered for the moment by sand.]

((ooc: replies will come from both Jack and Will))
23 April 2012 @ 08:33 am
⚔ 010 ⚔ Video ⚔  
[It's a rather familiar scene that the community is picking up. A large forge is in the middle and there is a familiar young man working over it. He wipes his brow and turns behind him and gives a rueful smile at the man sleeping behind him. A small head shake and he continues working on whatever it is that needs building.

Yes community it looks like Will is back home in Port Royal. Except...when he turns around he looks much younger then before. Also much cleaner. His gaze drifts from the cell door he is making towards the mirror that is now showing the community and he simply blinks.

Tools put down he walks over and lets his hand hover over the mirror.]

What? I don't recall this being a picture...

((ooc: Pre Curse of the Black Pearl Will! He's like...sixteen here. Have fun 8D!))
16 January 2012 @ 02:40 pm
⚔ 008 ⚔ Video ⚔  
[The feed clicks on to show Will. He's looks a bit calmer then the last time and he's on a bigger ship as well. There's always ships with this...it's a pirate thing.

Only this of course isn't the Pearl. It's some random bit of drift wood they managed to 'borrow' from a fortunately unguarded port.]

It has been a while. I suppose the community is already into the new year? Sorry I missed some of it.

[He looks behind him as someone walks past and asks him something. Have a nice view of his shirt while he answers then gets back.]

We're en route to Singapore. There...well, I've spoken to someone. She mentioned that there may be a way to get Sparrow back. If any of you are interested in that.

[He just needs to get to Singapore. There's a man there he needs to see. For you see duckies, Will has plans. Not very nice ones, but he is dead determined to help his father.]

If anyone knows how to effectively sneak into a Chinese bath house undetected. I, would not mind a small bit of advice.
18 December 2011 @ 06:12 pm
⚔ 007 ⚔ Video ⚔  
[The view from the feed is...upside down. Though it seems to be slowly righting itself until there is suddenly a boot over it. Only for a second though as suddenly the feed clears and Will’s little tin mirror is tumbling again. There’s another boot and the tin tumbles out of where ever it was to land safely on a pile of grass.

Of course now that it’s stilled, there is a lovely view of what it had been trapped in. A giant paddle wheel. With three men fighting each other. On top of it.

Once the viewer pauses to see just who these three men are, the scene is not so bizarre. The who seems to be inside of the wheel is one Captain Jack Sparrow. The man at the top of the wheel is William Turner and the man he is dueling is Mr. James Norrington. The feed focuses for a moment as the wheel continues to move with said men still fighting on, in and around it.


((ooc: Replies will come from Jack, Will or Norry after they stop being little kids and are on their respective ways off the island. Will shall have a headache. Thanks Jack, you jerk))
28 November 2011 @ 09:21 pm
⚔ 006 ⚔ Video ⚔  
[Have a Will. A Will that is still very much female despite the fact that the virus should have passed. She does not look very happy, her pretty face scrunched up in annoyance.]

I...I thought it was over. What is going on?

[She rubs her temple before looking up sharply at something remembered.]

Jack...somehow I want to blame you for why this has not gone away.

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22 November 2011 @ 12:37 pm
⚔ 005 ⚔ Video ⚔  
[The picture is rather dim and there seems to be an odd light about where ever Will currently is.

There are also a lot of barnacles...and very, very old wood. After a moment a face peers into the little screen and that is not Will. Yet...if one squints enough it does look a bit like Will- or a very young Arabella for those who would know her.]

I need a world hop.

[Will's eyes are rather wide now and she is speaking a harsh whisper. Obviously she is hiding. A man speaks to her left and she nods quickly before scurrying back amongst the barrels.]

Please. As soon as possible!

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06 November 2011 @ 01:56 pm
⚔ 004 ⚔ Accidental Video ⚔  
(ooc cut for floggins) )
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27 August 2011 @ 09:23 pm
[ video ]  
[ Hello Duckies! It's time for a video featuring those silly pirates. A crew of six (one being Will) are looking very very rushed getting on the Pearl. "Make ready to sail boys!" ]

What about Jack? [ objecting Will! ] I won't leave without him!

-WAIT! [ there's Jack! Running down the beach! Will is pleased. He made it!
....or maybe not. Hundreds of crazy cannibal natives are chasing him down with spears ]

Time to go.
[ "Cast off!" The crew is getting on that boat ASAP and getting it off that beach while Jack runs! RUNS FOR DEAR LIFE ]

07 August 2011 @ 10:30 pm
⚔ 003 ⚔ Video ⚔  
[The feeds turn on to show William inside some sort of tavern. The picture is rather dim since the only light is from some candles and a fire. There's also a bit of a din, but Will is close enough to the tin that he can be heard.

There's drunk laughter and a tinkling of a piano somewhere in the background. And Will's left cheek looks a bit red- and he looks a might annoyed.]

I'm on Tortuga, Jack.

[He points to his cheek.]

Giselle sends her regards.

[He shakes his head, ducking a rather flaily limb of someone that said the wrong thing to the wrong person. Now that person is thudding against the wall.]

I leave for Pelegosto come morn.

[And another body goes flying and Will has to actually bolt from his seat to avoid it. Nice bit of a brawl now; he shuts off the feed to the shouts and curses of angry pirates.

He really missed Tortuga.]
23 July 2011 @ 10:49 pm
⚔ 001 ⚔ Video ⚔  
[The feed turns on but the only thing anyone can see are rafters. Every so often the picture seems to jump and once the feed is secure, sounds begin to filter through. There's a sound of a rather large fire and metal being struck. The metallic sound falls in time with the picture moving.

The moving continues at a steady pace until whatever is holding the feed tumbles to a straw strewn floor, spinning like a coin before coming to a stop. The image is now of a pair of old leather boots and cotton trousers.

The metallic sounds continue, the person seemingly not bothered by whatever happened to fall to the floor.]