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[Video Post]

[The scene begins in a forest with a couple soldiers armed with rifles. A dog's bark echoes.]

The girl is gone!

[One soldier takes aim towards the right.]

What a noisy dog!

[Before he could pull the trigger, two men are gunned down including him. The rest of the soldiers look around very lost to what just happened until one of them points upward behind them.]

Where! --There!

[The feeder points towards where the soldier finger points, a tree branch. There is a figure in the dark dressed in some cloak garment. She points the gun and fires to another one.]

Up there!

[The girl drops down from the tree right in the center of the group with 4 remaining left. The image is clear, it is indeed Kirika but with her eyes seemly different. She quickly grabs one of the soldiers while handling his rifle. While the soldier held onto the trigger, Kirika swings him along with the rifle around taking out the remaining soldiers. Two are left, Kirika guns down one in front of her and then finally the one she held to.

Flickers of flames rises behind Kirika as turns herself around to the scene. The next scene is switched to a village engulfed in flames.]

[[ooc: Reference is here. From [7:24] to [7:58]. ]]


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If these really are images of the future, I think perhaps you should try to avoid that one, Kirika.

You may have to be careful how you speak about this. If anyone comments. I've been making sure no one really...knows what we do.
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Have some damage-control practice!

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What in the world...?
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Do you... often find yourself shooting soldiers?
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...are you planning anything that might lead soldiers to want to attack you?
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Yes. It had me apparently being surprised by a door.
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Nothing seemed particularly surprising about the door in the video. In fact, the door may not even be what was surprising.