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How do you go finding your lost memory, even your name?

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Memories are a construct designed to comfort the human soul. They are unnecessary.

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Identity... what defines the self...

Your bonds define the self.

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Depends on how you lost the memory.

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Find out who took them, and do what's necessary.

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It happened to more than one person?

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Any idea why something like that would happen to you?

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Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you.

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It's the easiest way. The most logical way.

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How do you know you even had them in the first place?

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There are different ways....some easier than others.

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In some cases, they can be restored by the one who took them away. But that's not always possible. If not, you will have to go and find them yourself.

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Try going to different places and see if anything comes to you. I'm sure they'll come back to you eventually.

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Good luck.

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... sometimes, memories can be found in unexpected places. It took me a very long time to recover mine.

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A place where you're surrounded by familiar things would be one good place.

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Well... do you have any pictures or videos from when you were a kid?

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