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[ video ]

( "Sob. Le canon updates are so wordy looking," you say! I can assure you I write like an idiot. It's not that bad! Still if this appears TL;DR I've happily provided: video clips! HURRAAAAY. Now to your regularly scheduled text walls: )

[ OH ME OH MY. It's a two part special! Everyone it's time to look at Steve trail behind during this training. MOVE MOVE and he's in the back all wheeze in his oversized helmet. Anyway they stop in front of a flag marking the halfway point of this running. DRILL SERGEANT GUY alerts the men that anyone who can get that flag off the pole gets a ride back in the truck with Agent Carter, who is that lovely woman sitting shotgun. ;D Hey hey.

They FAIL miserably trying to climb that flagpole. Too bad Mulan didn't come out yet. Wheezy Steve, however, gave this one look before he unscrewed the flagpole and let it fall over. He calmly picked that flag up, handed it to the Sergeant with a polite 'Thank you, sir' and climbed on in the truck. SEE YA LOSERS. ]

[ BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE and it's not the montage! Cue the team doing push-ups (Steve doing miraculously horrible at it) while Agent Carter supervises and says hilarious things like her dead grandmother does them better. BUT WE'RE IN ON SOMEONE ELSE'S CONVERSATION---- What what? Yeah I know. Accented Science Guy and Agent K The General, we'll call them. The General is basically pointing out the hilarity of bringing a 90 pound asthmatic to his army base whywouldyoupickhim? WE SHOULD PICK THE BIG GUY. Science Guy states The Big Guy is ~a bully~ ]

[ The General almost snorts and states: ]
You don't win wars with niceness, doctor. You win wars with guts. [ And he pulls the pin out of a grenade and throws it at the team :| ] Grenade!

[ OH SH-! Everyone moves and ducks and covers!
...Minus Steve who dived on top of the thing and warned everyone to get way. Turns out it's a dummy grenade. No boom? Steve is confused. ]
Is this a test?

[ Accented Science Guy is smug looking about his choice and The General can't argue now. ":| He's still skinny." ]

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