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Darcy Lewis ([personal profile] 6collegecredits) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2012-04-20 10:24 pm
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[So the account name says this post is from Darcy, and yet clearly it is Fandral standing in front of the computer. He doesn't look the least bit amused, either.]

Now I did say it would be cool to see Asgard, but this isn't really the way I had in mind.

Like. At all.

[Yes. This is Darcy in Fandral's body.]

I'm guessing this is a virus, right? [She raises his hand to his chin, and then has a sudden realization!]

Oh my god. I have a beard. And a mustache even! [She strokes the beard much like a evil genius might.] Okay. This part I can deal with. [She twirls the mustache and fakes an evil laugh.]


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