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Steve Rogers ☆ Captain America ([personal profile] doyoufondue) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2012-05-13 01:31 pm

fourteen ☆ video

[ You want to see some violent action, ladies and gentleman? Of course you do.

SO BAM! A warehouse door, a current base for enemy forces, gets kicked open by Captain America, who is in a significantly more badass version of that silly costume you might have seen earlier. He's up front with a circular shield that's reflecting bullets, followed by his team of six that are all armed to the teeth and hardly missing a shot.

They go in guns blazing and you think gee they are totally outmatched in there? because there are way more than seven men on the enemy side BUT NOPE. They're cleaning the place out.

There's enemies up on a ledge throwing grenades down into the area. MOVE MOVE MOVE. Steve catches one and throws it back up there. Bucky totally snipes the rest down. THEN- ]

10 o'clock Captain, they're making a run for it! [ How do you stop running guys? THROW A SHIELD AT THEM. He throws it towards the wall and it bounces off, knocking into one head -- the next-- off the wall again --

It's like pinball.

Bing bang boom. Everybody's down. ]

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