doyoufondue: (Someone get me a worldhop please)
Steve Rogers ☆ Captain America ([personal profile] doyoufondue) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2012-06-12 04:05 pm

sixteen ☆ voice

[ there's the sound of wind blowing fast and a woman's voice cuts in- ] -Give me your coordinates. I'll find you a safe landing site.

There's not gonna be a safe landing. But I can try and force it down.

I-I'll get Howard on the line. He'll know what to do.

There's not enough time. This thing's moving too fast and it's heading for New York. I gotta put her in the water. But I-I can try-- [ there's shuffling then static, following the sound of him making a grab for the device and it hitting the floor. it cuts back in, the wind more prominent now and the sound of the plane speeding. The woman's voice is more upset, clearly holding on to the bad news. ]

-Eight o'clock on the dot. Don't you dare be late. Understood? know, I still don't know how to dance.

I'll show you how. Just be there.

We'll have the band play something slow. I'd hate to step on your- [ a really large crashing sound cuts in.

-then the muffled sound that can only come from being submerged in water, there's a distant banging of metal on metal-- a shield hitting a wall, followed by movement and a very deep breath before Steve speaks up. He's a lot quieter than usual ]

T-testing... Not broken right? Is this thing on? So... I... Do you think I could bother anyone for one of those fancy worldhops? I was going to... [ a shaky breath ] --going to ask a while ago but the thing decided to be a pain. I know Yuri in particular only said emergencies and well it uh-- [ he goes silent at the sound of ice cracking for a really long moment ]

...I'll just wait here.

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