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seventeen ☆ video

[ BAM! Two geared up agents are thrown out of a wall of what looks like a little staged set. The next person climbing out of that wall is a very-much-alive-and-awake Steve, who is a complete mode of panic. He hesitates only a second before forcing the nearest doors open running out of there. Something is very wrong and he knows it. ]

-all agents, code 13!

[ Out of that room everyone else immediately tries to go after him and grab him. He's just shoving anyone and everyone over to get out of there-- and then he's outside in modern New York, which would be familiar and normal to someone that's not him. He runs until he gets to Times Square where he stops, overwhelmed. And that's where the black cars catch up to him, bearing the SHIELD logo. ]

[Armed soldiers and black suited men pour out of the cars, forming a perimeter around Steve and keeping the growing crowd of onlookers at bay. Nick Fury steps out and slowly walks towards Steve, an almost inperceptible smile on his face.]

At ease, Captain. I have to say, it's nice to finally be able to speak to you in person. [He pauses, gesturing behind him] Look, I'm sorry about that little show back there, but we thought it best to break it to you slowly.

[ Steve stops looking around to focus on him, relaxing just a tiny bit at the sight of him ] ...break what?

You've been asleep, Cap. ...For almost seventy years.

[ Steve's shoulders slump and he looks around, the implications of that statement sinking in on him. Mind racing. ]

You going to be okay?

Y-yeah... I just... I had a date.

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