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Bane [The Dark Knight Rises] ([personal profile] gothams_reckoning) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2012-11-19 10:44 pm
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[voice post]

[The sound of a deep, muffled voice begins speaking as if addressing a large room:]

There has been a rather disturbing lack of cooperation in all of my political science classes. The lack of debate and the apathy towards the state of the world has been very disappointing.

As a result: all political science students must turn in an assignment in a week's time.

The assignment is: Why Democracy Is a Lie, and Why All Governments Are Unjust Tools of the Elite Used to Destroy the Working Man.

All papers must reference at least one government-related atrocity and use statistic to estimate how many have perished at the hands of their government of choice.

[And suddenly Darcy's voice pipes up.]

Woah, woah, woah. Should we give them something a little more open ended? And less...depressing? We want them writing papers, not spiraling into a fit of depression.

What about a paper on Obama vs Romney? They can defend one candidate.

[There is a low, muffled sigh of frustration before Bane adds:]

Or a paper about Romney or Obama. Either is fine.

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