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Souhei Sasahara ([personal profile] hasdoneit) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2013-04-14 09:26 pm

[ video | virus grab bag; touchy feely]

[Well, Sasayan is practically hunched over on top of his bed, grasping his stomach. What was going on here- did he eat something or...? Whatever the case was, he wasn't feeling too hot, and the community is catching this all the while.]

...urgh...please tell me it's over already...I don't want to be here longer...

[He tries to get up to get out of the room, but a sudden flash of pain came across his face as he falls to his knees right at the side of his bed. This was bad news- what had he done to deserve something like this in the first place? He was practically sweating due to how hot he felt. And it soon became apparent that he noticed the community recording this all the while.]

...aw man...really...? H-Hey, a-anyone over there...d-do you think you could help me out? T-This sickness is killing me and I...ugh...

[What was going on? He really did hope someone could come over and help him out...because, for some reason, he felt like he needed someone by his side... but whatever the reason was, he'll be making a motion of "come over here, please".]

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