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[A bathroom mirror comes slightly into focus, a faint reflection visible. Once the steam clears, it becomes clear it's Marti, though she's full dressed and seems to only be about to brush her teeth when she notices.]


[Darkness. In community time, it seems like only a few seconds but when it turns back on, Marti is on the couch, books in her lap. Something causes her to look up. Immediately, the books drop as she moves to turn it off. ]

I'm losing to a computer. Great, just the boost I need.

[Black again. Next time, seconds later again, she appears, this time standing in front of it.]

Okay, so, I'm being stalked by a pushy computer who wants to play therapist. So, here's for the sharing and caring...

I have the cheerleader audition today. It's normal to be nervous, right? Right. People are nervous. [She begins to pace.] Especially when something as big as a scholarship is on the line. By the way, thanks again Wanda.

[A deep breath and then she stops.] So, I shared. Your turn. Any tips for a girl who's about to try out for the cheerleading for the first time at a college level?

Alcohol's not an option.

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