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Mami Tomoe ([personal profile] anothersoul) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2013-06-05 08:19 pm

[backdated to June 3]

Ah, hello community. I'm Tomoe Mami, if you haven't already met me. Soon I'll have been on the community a year--coincidentally, my birthday is also soon approaching. Not to mention most of us have been on edge due to recent events.

I've been preparing a large-scale tea party for the community. I've even managed to rent out a section of a local park for the event. There will be other things to do besides drinking tea, of course, but it would be a relaxing event for all of us to calm down.

The invitation is extended to any who can read this but good behavior is expected. I wouldn't want to have to kick someone out of the party, after all.

((OOC: I'll make a post for the party after the next virus for the party proper, it's not this post. EDIT: The party log has been posted here.))

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