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[Look, everyone! It's a beautiful overview of Kibogahana! Seems calm, seems peaceful, everything looks healthy and nothing seems out of place...

...except if you look closely, you can spot a shocking pink streak making its way across the rooftops, hopping from one point to another almost expertly. Except for those times where the streak fumbles and has to climb back up onto the roof. Sometimes the shot would be obscured by a set of legs running by, clad in knee-length white boots. It goes on for awhile until finally, you can hear panting and exhaustion as a hand reaches up and over, pulling up a familiar figure...]

...I'm so out of shape! H-How does Itsuki-chan do it?

[It's Tsubomi... or rather, Cure Blossom! Despite three weeks of pain, she'd finally gotten tired of being stiff-legged and threw herself into getting back to normal.

And being three weeks without a major fight's thrown her off big time.]

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