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One of these Days

So I think I just did something incredibly stupid but I was forgiven for it. Lemme recap.

So I saved a young player in the forest from a bunch of Apes a few levels higher than she was. Her name is Silica, and she's a nice girl. Lemme get a picture up of her, I got a screenshot.

Silica Right Here

Cute huh? In any case, I saved her and her pet dragon Pima was killed in battle. So we went to the 45th floor and I helped her get a flower that will revive battle pets within 3 days of their death.

Now the dumb thing about it, is that she was being hunted by a PK guild. I know, horrible isn't it? They were scouting her and lining her up for a kill when I intervened. I sent those scum to jail after stating in no matter of terms that I would kill them all if I wasn't asked to send them to jail by a crystal made from a Guild Leader who's guild was wiped out by these cutthroats.

Thing is, we promised to see each other in the real world. So I guess I got myself a extra goal to reach now.

So yeah, you can tell me it was a dumb idea, killing two birds with one stone metaphorically. What I want to know is was it a really dumb idea to use Silica as bait, or should I have come clean? The letter I got from myself said I should use her as bait and apologize but you know how well that turns out even if she likes me.
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That's a tough call. On the one hand, yeah, that's a horrible thing you did. And I can name a hundred ways that could have backfired. All of them end in her dying. But on the other hand, future advice doesn't always come with a set of explanations why to do it.
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Yeah, well, you've got to be a certain kind of person to have a really commanding aura like that. And even then, some people are immune.

Good. Not sure if it is a good idea to tell her, to be honest. Not to tell her it was on purpose, at least. She'll find out either way, but break it to her easily without breaking her trust and provoking her to do something reckless.
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Sounds a little close to the Black Knight, and after Monty Python, that kind of loses its edge.

Wow, that is ridiculously lucky. Yeah, definitely apologize, get her flowers, whatever. Finding someone who forgives all the insane shit you do is rare and priceless.
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Pfft, it's always big. I fart in your general direction.

Yeah. Make all the friends you can get.
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Good luck. I mean it.
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And I'll work on digitizing a Megazord into the game.
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'Course. Chicks dig giant robots.