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More Ridiculous Things

So Jin and J had intercepted a Metaroid. And this exchange occurred.

And even into the pitched melee J knows his priorities.

Apparently Enetron Cotton Candy was on his to-do list this Summer Festival.
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It's enetron--he can eat that.
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But...he doesn't have a mouth!

[Does not compute.]
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It's just the way the design looks--all of the Buddyroids have fuel intake ports--mouths--that are mostly closed off to prevent any dust or anything else from getting in and tainting the enetron supply. Because you don't want these guys getting their fuel reserves tainted and clogged.
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[Jin...enjoy this face of complete and utter 'WTF is this jackass on about?']
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And I'm talking to Kurorin about the robotics club when he can't even get through math. Right. You have a tech guy who can translate my technobabble?
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I do. He's not gonna be able to see this though.

[He's gotten Doc to do sweeps of the computer systems five times now.]
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Read it off. Say it might be about one of the great powers or whatever.
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Then he'd want to take the Bird apart again. Cause that'd be the only place to get it and he's not exactly genius material.

And not nearly as precise.
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Yeah, good point. Anyway, J's got a mouth, but it's mostly covered so he doesn't get stuff in there. Because he's stupid enough to put anything in his mouth.
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Ok...that I get.

[Especially the stupid part.]
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And he's drinking ALL THE TIME.
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I suppose you can say that he's drunk with power then.
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No, just drunk. Seriously, he's enough of an egotist I don't even want to THINK about that.