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[Video - forward-dated to tomorrow afternoon]

Ladies and gentlemen!

[What is Michael wearing... Evidently he thought the occasion was enough for him to get dressed up like a rock star. He smiles into the video camera, and adjusts it a little to look out over a large stage.]

Today certain contestants have been preparing and the time is here~ In a moment I'll start recording each of their entrances. When I am finished, you viewers at home will receive, hm, let's say one vote to give to the best competitors!

Remember, the prizes go to charity, and it's all in good fun. Please enjoy everyone's hard work!

[Each competitor will have their own thread in which to post their outfit and entrance and where everyone can mock them. There'll be another thread for voting after that!

This is going up a little early so the competitors have time to see it and get their threads going.]
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[This was quite possibly the toughest, most serious decision Jin had made in his life. So he'd also decided to go full-on rockstar. He'd curled his hair more and added tons of clip-on earrings and wore a red corset top with a short black tulle skirt and fishnet leggings. And of course, to finish it off, was a gold beetle necklace.

Not enough? Well, he was dancing. So there was that.]
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*Amnesia Girl cannot stop laughing.*
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There's someone who appreciates it!
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Where did you even get all that stuff?
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Borrowed some of it. [Yoko was going to kill him.] Bought the rest. [Ryuji was going to kill him.]
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They should have more fun things like this.
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You got that right. I like days where I can feel pretty.
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I thought it was a comedy show.
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I can't be pretty and having a laugh?
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Huh, I guess so.
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That's part of the fun.
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You guys are weird.
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Has it always been like this?
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Again, loving it.
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Definitely get points for that dance sweetie.
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[He curtsies.] Thanks for that.
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You're welcome~
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Some choreography! Putting that much umph into it because you hate to lose, or because there's a charity you're fired up for?
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More the former, but I did find out my coworkers put on a Christmas thing for a local orphanage every year. So I figured, why not do something for them a little early too?
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Christmas in July. Will you be doing the show for them, too?
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Sure, as long as all things go well.