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[accidental video - canon update]

[The video opens up in a hospital room. There's four girls, three of them in hospital beds. On one side of the room are a girl with blue hair and one with brown hair. On the other side is Setsuna, who's sitting by the bed of a blonde girl. Judging from the tarot cards Setsuna is laying out, she's in the middle of fortune telling. The blonde, Love, is looking at the cards very seriously.]

How is it? Did something change?

[Setsuna looks up from her cards and smiles.] It may be painful now, but you should work hard on both.



Thanks, Setsuna! I feel full of energy now! [The other girls don't look as enthusiastic as Love, though. In fact, they look downright skeptical.]

Hey, Setsuna-san... Didn't you tell us to pick one over the other?

Why did our fortunes change so much?

[Setsuna turns to the other girls, still smiling.] Fortunes are fluid. They change over time. They don't remain the same forever.

Oh? It's like us.

Eh? [Setsuna turns back to Love, surprised.]

Sometimes we have fun, sometimes we feel sad. Sometimes we love each other, sometimes we don't. We're forever changing.

Ah... Right.

Okay! I'll eat a lot, regain my energy and work hard! [Love gives Setsuna a thumbs up.] Come watch the dance contest, Setsuna!

[Setsuna smiles.] Of course.

[With that, Setsuna says goodbye to the girls and leaves the room. Once the door is closed behind her, her smile is gone immediately, replaced by an annoyed frown.]

Hmph. Like I really care about that pointless contest. Honestly... [Setsuna starts walking, still oblivious to the fact that she's being recorded.] Such a foolish, naive girl. [She smirks.] Well, no matter. If she wants to tire herself out, that's fine with me.

[And on that ominous note, the video ends.]

[OOC Note: Red is Setsuna, pink is Love, blue is Miki and yellow is Inori.]
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[Jin is back in his normal clothing now, and while he's mostly serious, he's pretty non-judgmental. In fact, he seems more interested in the fragments of the Go-Protectors he's working on.]

Rough day?
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Well, you get through it little by little. If you need to talk, well, I'm a better listener than J at any rate.
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No problem. But if you're ever in trouble or need anything, just call.
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Because about 90% of the people I've ever cared about in my life might as well be dead. So for purely selfish reasons, I take care of that last 10% I don't want to lose.
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No such luck. I mean, really. I've got J. My standards are pretty low.
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[There is absolutely NO shame in this man.]

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Am I most people?