neverendingdebt: (A Wannabe Gogglehead)
Kido Shinji ([personal profile] neverendingdebt) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2013-07-24 06:37 pm

Video + Intro Of Sorts

(A video screen clicks on to show a young man with what appears to be a motorcycle helmet on his head, goggles covering his eyes and a tired expression overall on his face. The background shows that he may be in a cafe of some kind, considering that various people are moving about behind him but aren't saying much.)

...A duck? This wasn't the site I needed to get to. I was trying to find the recipe for quiche! Or was it macaroni and cheese? Or maybe-!

(Anything else he might've thought up in terms of food? Out the window, because he suddenly slips on the wet floor beneath his feet without noticing and crashes into a nearby waiter! The sounds of breaking dishes and/or mugs are heard moments later.

This is Shinji Kido, and aside from having 'accidents' from time to time he really is a good-natured person.)

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