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[not-quite-accidental video: virus/canon update]

[Jin has a candle in front of him and a flashlight against his face as he tells a ghost story in a very low voice.]

And on every night thereafter, from the bottom of the well, you can hear Okiku counting the plates.

[In front of him, Nick, Yoko, and Nakamura are pressed against each other in terror.]




[Gorisaki and Usada are also looking pretty scared. J...well, he's probably not listening.]


[Off to the side by the roof's railings, Hiromu and Morishita aren't nearly as impressed.]

How vexing... One is missing...

Was the one who took it...


[That's your cue, Ellen! Hope you're wearing the Sadako costume!]
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[Ellen has no idea how she ended up here, why she's here what possessed her to do this, but here she is, dressed up in the best "scary" outfit possible, ready to frighten the other Go-Busters... and try not to scare herself in the process.

And she's going to do so by jumping out behind the frightened trio.]
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Ha... hahaha, I guess I did, didn't I? That was kinda fun...!

[She glances at a mirror, then quickly glances away. NOPE.]
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Me? But...! [No buts, she can feel that urge to do so coming and she has no choice to do so. But, what can she tell?! One idea comes to her mind and she hates herself for it, but she has no other idea what to do - stupid newcomer to Earth problems!]

...fine. [She flops down on a seat and stares down the others.] Ever heard of the Melody of Sorrow?
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[And then it's J's turn to tell stories.]

There is a ghost that haunts the EMC.

[J's voice is matter of fact.] He wanders the building, proclaiming...


[At the last, J suddenly rose up menacingly, waving his hands before settling down. And then holding out a hand for a can.]
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I did nothing of the sort.

[Now drinking...]
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[Drinking at 75%. Please wait.]

I need another.

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Next time you tell a ghost story, invite me over and I could really give them a scare. Real blood and everything.

[ She'd do it for shits and giggles, she would. ]
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Ryuji? Who's that?
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None at all? Maybe if you terrify him into thinking everything that's not funny is scary he'll think the funny stuff's really funny to compensate.

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[Sena was listening along, grabbing a pillow with more intent than she should.] No!
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Romances are boring. Don't you know any other kinds of stories?
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[The pillow made a reappearance as throughout the story, Sena reacted. When he described the disfigured face, her fingers went to her own skin, as if worried that might rub off through the words.]

Then what happened? Did she kill him? There's no way he should have been allowed to live.

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[Who's popcorn.giffing here? This girl. She's visiting and basically listening with a wide goofy grin on her face.]

I love ghost stories at Obon.
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I don't think I have. Which one is that?
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Oh no, I haven't heard that one before. Can you tell it?

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