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So there was this guy who'd failed a medical exam--got some weird results that said they wanted to see him again. A family member of his was worried about it and consulted the guy's friend. Well, this friend looked at the exam and joked, "You know, maybe it just means he's dying!" But before he knew it, the family member had run off in a panic.

The guy's other friends found out from the family member, and they did whatever they could to try to keep him from finding out. And the other friend? Well, he realized that he'd made a mess of things, but for whatever reason, he decided that he couldn't apologize in person, so he sent his buddy over to do it for him. But this buddy wasn't very bright and totally misunderstood who he was supposed to talk to. So the friend thought that everything was fine.

Well, the rumor finally made it back to the original guy, and now he started worrying about his medical exam. To the point that he figured he should start taking more risks because, hey, yolo and all that, right? Well, he almost got hurt, and that was when the first friend came in and realized that the rumor was still spreading. So he looked at his buddy and said, "Didn't you tell Banana-chan (the family member) I was joking?" and the buddy pulls out a bunch of bananas, saying that of course he did.

The whole misunderstanding finally got straightened out, and it turned out that the failed medical exam just had some problems because the guy was overheating, so he needed to retake it sometime later when his body temperature was under control. So everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and the guy took out his anger on the friend who started the whole mess in the first place.
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I've never heard a story that so perfectly encapsulated my life while not resembling anything that has ever actually happened to me.
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I'd almost accuse you of having too specific a denial there, except that this event came from my life.