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[Orlando is still in his Thargor sim, looking a little...exaggerated somehow, but otherwise okay, and still completely real in that way the Otherland system seems able to make things. It's night where he is, a dim golden glow being the main source of illumination. He seems to be leaning against a massive wooden pillar. Next to him, a smaller robed figure is curled up in sleep.

Orlando begins to speak, his voice pitched low so as not to bother his sleeping companion.

Hey, community. I thought...I should tell you guys some things, in case we can't find the others, or if- [he stumbles over the words for a moment, but then presses firmly through] if we don't make it. I know you probably won't be able to get anything to my world but...a record somewhere is probably a good idea, right?

[He takes a deep breath.] I think I've figured out what the Grail Brotherhood- the people who made this network- are doing. What the point behind this is. They want to become immortal. If they can copy themselves into this system, they could basically be gods, forever.

[He turns away to cough, and pauses for a moment before resuming.] And that means that people who kill anyone who gets in their way, who are letting kids die just so that maybe they can get more time, could stay in power forever.

We're going to stop them. [He doesn't seem too sure of that, though. In fact, he mostly just seems tired. He reaches out a hand towards whatever is recording him, and the video ends.]
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Wait, so they want to just abandon their bodies and leave themselves as easily corruptible or deletable data? And they call that immortal?
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Nothing's perfect, and they're in for a surprise if that's what they think.

Yeah, well. Dying's scary, but...that's no way to live. Making up a fake world, just so you can avoid what's real.