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[The camera is shaky and the window small as Ellie has only her phone to record on but she's trying to set it up so that she can move back to speak.

As she does, she grabs her lower fore arm, the shirt ripped but whatever wound beneath it is wrapped up. Her breathing is a bit off but she's obviously trying to get it under control.], everybody dies, right. Your time comes up and you're gone. [She sits down, finally able to look straight at the phone.] But before they do, there's stuff people wanna do, like visit beaches or...or, family, I guess.

If you were about to die, like, you know your in your last moments and everything's gonna go black soon, what would you do? Anything in the world.

[She looks down.] A last wish, I guess.
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[Jin's been through this during the zombie event, so he can sympathize.]

If it were me, I'd be doing everything I could to stay alive. But if your time's up...

Dunno. I guess I'd want to at least put a dent in trying to stop the problem so many of my friends gave their lives for. Save the people they tried to save. Enjoy every last minute I've got left.
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Not really. Except for two people, almost everyone I was friends with is gone. I'm trying to help protect the people all my friends gave up their lives to protect, and I think we've become friends, but yeah. Only so much I can protect them from. And sometimes, I wish they could just be normal and hang out normally.
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Good advice there. Man, who'd've thought an adult would be getting better advice than he gave?
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I'd be an idiot not to.