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Canon Bump - World Without Riders

[The scene is like some kind of recap as it seems like the opening to a television series with several scenes shown from it. The first was a massive bone-like monster raining death upon the battlefield seconds before it cut to the same enemy being cut down.]

Fourteen: Foolish humans. I even brought peace to this world!

Kaitou: Niisan, open your eyes!

[Seconds before another Rider takes Kaitou's head off with a sword, he halts inches from his neck.]

Previously on Kamen Rider Decade:

Junichi: You will regret not killing me.

[Cutting to Junichi having de-morphed and walking away, another voice is heard, one of Narutaki's.]

Narutaki: Decade. I can hear your screams. The next world is...

[Another cut, this one to Kaitou kicking down a barrier.]

Tsukasa: Where are you going?

Kaitou: It should be obvious. I'm off to search for new treasure.

[And with that, it changes to Yusuke fumbling into the backdrop to reveal a picture with several animals flanked by Kuroko. It has finally happened, Decade has connected a major world on the community.

He has arrived, in the World Without Riders. The World of Super Sentai, and Pretty Cure.]

[A flare of reality, and Kaitou is emerging from under a sushi vendors stall, strangely enough dressed in a fancy red costume that was a evening dress. Yeah he was crossplaying for some reason. But he looked very smug as he held up the Ika Origami in his hands.]

Kaitou: This world's treasure, the Origami, is mine.

Genta: What was that?! Who the hell are you?!

[Kaitou only grins and holds up his Diend Card.]

Kaitou: You can say I'm a passing-through Kamen Rider.

Genta: Kamen Rider? What the heck is THAT!?

[Minutes later, Kaitou has made good time in his heels while he runs into Tsukasa, Natsumi and Yusuke who give him a funny look.]

Tsukasa: Kaitou?

Kaitou: Yo, Tsukasa. You're late. I'm already done with my little job in this world.

Tsukasa: So you came to steal someone's juice?

Kaitou: It's something you don't know... Or rather, something that you would have no way of knowing. That includes this world itself.

Tsukasa: I get the gist of it.

Kaitou: You're lying. There is no world that repudiates you more than this one. This is... a world with no Riders.

[There's a shocked expression from the others, but it's broken in moments as the enraged Sushi Seller-Samurai kids into view.]

Genta: There you are! You thieving bastard!

Kaitou: Damn... how stubborn. [And taking a leap, he leaped to the top of the stairs.] Later Tsukasa.

[It's minutes later that Kaitou has gotten away from Genta, if momentarily as he examines his reflection with annoyance.] You know I make a good cut in a dress but this takes the cake. So, community, looks like a major world is now connected by Tsukasa. So... expect a Rider to appear in the World Without Riders sometime soon, other than me. Laters.
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[Appropriately, Jin is dressed like he's in the Edo Period.]

You always have to steal something when you drop by?
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You got a thing for stealing mechs?
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Maybe I should get a lo-jack put on J.
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You know, I wonder if he randomly got a costume...
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Really? Huh. Let me try.

[He takes off the wig, and poof. New costume.]

Holy shit, this hat is awesome!
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Huh. Guess it only gets better some of the time.
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Have fun.