promisedknight: A bloodied Ren holding up his deck, the image washed out from lens flare (The coming storm)
Ren Akiyama ([personal profile] promisedknight) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2013-09-07 02:04 pm

[canon update meet virus]

[Some kind of paper is covering up the video, and Ren removes it, revealing him and Shinji in an unfamiliar house. Oddly, they don't seem to notice the community window open in the glass in front of them--they're too focused on the paper, which Shinji takes out of Ren's hands.]

It looks like a picture Yui-chan drew as a child.

Oorai Coast?

[A Monster suddenly leaps out and throws them to the floor before vanishing into a mirror upstairs--seriously, guys, how did you not see that coming?]

[It takes a minute for them to get up, since they've been dressed like this the whole time.]

Looks like it's not just our Contract Monsters that are after us.

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