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[video - canon update - episode 23 1/2]

The video opens on a forest in the rain. Two girls are fighting. The first is Setsuna... or rather, Eas. The other is Cure Peach. Off to the side are two other girls, a ferret and a strange plushie-looking creature. It looks like the fight has been going on for a while already.

"Peach-han..." The strangeness of the ferret speaking is fairly unimportant when placed next to the fight. Eas and Cure Peach are really going at it, neither letting up for even a moment.

It's not immediately clear, but when the video moves closer to Cure Peach, you can see tears in her eyes.

"Love-chan is crying."

"Peach-han... She's not trying to defeat Eas."

"She's doing the opposite. She's fighting to save Setsuna."


Eas punches Peach away, the blow leaving the Precure stunned for a second. "When I'm with you... It feels like something's breaking inside me!" Desperately, Eas rushes forward and this time kicks Cure Peach, sending her even further back. "When I'm with you... it feels like I'm losing myself!"


The two fly at each other and they collide in mid-air.

"That day we first met- I made up a lie about you soon receiving a great happiness... And you so easily believed me! From that day, you celebrated every little source of happiness that you found! And even when I tried to lead you into a trap, you never once doubted me!"

They land and Eas stands up straight.

"Always stupid and grinning and carefree... That's why I..."

An aura of red energy appears around Eas, as she charges forward.

"I was always...!"

Similarly, a pink aura of energy appears around Cure Peach, as she too charges forward, crying and screaming while she does it. They both jump...

"So envious!"

Their punches connect and they stay suspended in the air for a moment, the blow strong enough to let out a shockwave. The two energy auras shine incredibly brightly, before fading all together. Both girls fall to the ground.

The other girls and the two critters quickly run up to them, worried.

Eas and Cure Peach are lying on the wet grass, both exhausted and panting. The fight took a lot out of them. Eas is quiet for a moment, then opens her eyes.

"Yes... I always envied you." She sounds calm now, not angry like she did just moments ago.

Cure Peach smiles. "...I see. I'm so glad." Eas looks at her in surprise. "I knew that you weren't Eas. You're Setsuna."

Eas sighs... then smiles as well. Genuinely, for once.

"How strange. Our fight was so vicious... But I feel so at peace now."

"That's because you understood Love's true feelings." Miki walks up to Setsuna and kneels next to her. "Even though it was painful to do so, she fought you in order to rescue you from Labyrinth."

Eas frowns. "Even though it was painful..." Miki holds out her hand to Eas.

"Here. Can you stand?"

Inori meanwhile helps Cure Peach sit up. "I feel like I'm at peace too. It's probably because I understood your true feelings."

"Hah. My true feelings, huh...?" Eas looks away sadly, but as she does, something catches her eye. It's a four-leaf clover. Just like the necklace she always used to wear. "Is that... The source of happiness?"

Peach smiles brightly and leans forward. "That's amazing, Setsuna! Only someone who is truly looking for happiness can find a four-leaf clover!"

"Truly looking for happiness..."

Peach carefully picks the clover and reaches it out to Eas. "It's still not too late! Here, take your happiness!" Eas looks uncertain. "This is what you found, Setsuna! Here!"

"The happiness..." She carefully reaches for the clover. "I found..." She lowers her hand, about to touch the clover...



...and suddenly she freezes. There's a few seconds of silence, then Eas falls forward limply, landing face first on the wet grass with a soft thump.

Sharp-eyed viewers may notice that she doesn't seem to be breathing.

Everyone stares in shock.

"Setsuna... What's wrong?"

"What the...?"


"What's the deal?"

Peach moves over to Eas and starts shaking her. "Hey, come on. Setsuna!"

"It's futile." Peach looks up. Two men are approaching. "Eas' lifespan has expired."


"Our lifespans are determined and controlled from birth."

"Determined and... controlled? What... What does that even mean? That's crazy!"

And with that, the video cuts out on the image of a crying Cure Peach desperately shaking Eas' lifeless body and begging her to wake up.

[OOC note: *takes a deep breath* Red is Eas/Setsuna, pink is Cure Peach/Love, blue is Miki, yellow is Inori, brown is Tarte, gray is Soular and green is Wester.

Setsuna will not be replying for... obvious reasons. Part 2 of the update will happen tomorrow.]
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Looks like she was finally honest with herself. It was nice knowing you, Setsuna-chan.