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[video - canon update - episode 23 2/2]

About a day has passed since the previous video involving Setsuna, but it looks like no time has passed at all in the world itself. It resumes right where the previous one left of, with Cure Peach shaking Eas' body.

But this time the video continues. The plushie looking thing that only appeared in the background of the last video, takes the center stage this time. The crest on her forehead has started to glow. She floats up into the air, calls out and the crest glows even brighter.

A red light swiftly flies into the forest, straight into Eas. The light grows even brighter, to the point of engulfing the whole video.

The light stays like that for a little while. Eventually, though, it does fade. At the same time, the sun is finally breaking through the clouds.

Eas has vanished. Where her body lay before, there now stands a girl dressed in red. She stares at herself, both confused and amazed.

"I'm... a Pretty Cure?" She looks up. "Cure Passion!"

"Setsuna is the fourth...?"

"The fourth Precure!"

Cure Peach smiles widely. "Cure Passion!"

The video cuts off again, this time finished for real.

[OOC note: Red is Setsuna, pink is Love/Cure Peach, blue is Miki and yellow is Inori.

Setsuna will be responding this time, although it will icly be several hours later.]
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You are setting yourself up for a tackle-hug, you know that?
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You had a few people worried here. Good to see you're fine.
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You're okay, and that's what matters. Plus, looks like you got a whole new powerset.
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Yeah, gonna be some things you gotta get used to. But do you like it better this way?
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Gonna be straight with you: If only perfect people deserved to be Precures, then there wouldn't ever be any. Nobody's perfect. Nobody should be. It's our flaws that make us interesting and teach us things. Maybe the Precures need someone who's been on the other side in order to show them how to win.
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You'd probably have to ask that Gai kid about any other heroes who used to be the bad guys, but honestly? I think you need to take a chance on yourself. Maybe you'll learn something that'll surprise you.