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Happy 'Talk like a Pirate Day'!

[Marvelous has been browsing the internet, trying to research Earth's sea pirates. He's come across something that intrigues him, despite it being, for him, a couple of months away.]

There's a pirate holiday, huh? You Earthlings are getting more and more interesting every day.
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It's that time already? Shit. It was only around for a few years before Messiah and all, and it was pretty damn obscure back then. Can't believe it's gone mainstream.
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Yeah, an evil computer virus who built armies of robotic soldiers and is trying to take over the world has me stuck in a pocket dimension hellhole. I managed to haul my ass into stasis and generate an avatar to give me any autonomy. So excuse me for getting into the blogging scene a little late.
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All right, I'll give you that one. Though, you gotta admit--I created a robot that can get drunk. That's something.
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Annoying, yes, but also awesome.
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They think I'm nuts.

[And he's PROUD of it.]