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I'm not too sure what to think. These are apparently the Sentai after the Kyoryugers that I've read up on. Any thoughts on them?

Apparently they're a Train-Based series called Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger.

I've even gotten stuff on their gear and mecha too.

The suits look very showa to me. Like they were lifted from a bit of Bioman actually. But I want to know what the other actual Sentai and Riders think about this new addition to their ranks. And, well everyone else too.
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Didn't we do this in '99? I mean, yeah, they were a rescue team, but c'mon, they had a train mech!
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Wasn't there another guy who did that? One of the Sentai?
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This some kinda running thing, then? Every few years, Sentai recycle powers while Riders get...giant fruits on their heads?
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And Japanese horned beetles and stag beetles are never gonna lose popularity, if us, Kabuto, Stronger, B-Fighter, and B-Fighter Kabuto are any indication...

...Huh. That brings up a point. We've got ladybugs with B-Fighter Kabuto and Tackle, but no ladybug Sentai.
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This is an injustice that needs to be corrected! I'm buying a bicycle helmet and setting up someone as Lady Buster now.
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Good candidates. Not sure how Hiromu's sis would take it, though--I hear she's not a fan of robots.
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So you're saying I might stand a chance?
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All right! What kind of flowers do you think she'll like? I was gonna go with roses, but then I wondered if that might seem a little too forward for a first date.
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Yeah, that's what we're talking about, right? Me asking out Hiromu's sis?

Unless you think Nakamura and I are a better match? Although, I won't say no to Morishita if he wants to come along too.
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So go with the jacket?