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Merry Duckmas

If I'd had a chance to plan this out better, I'd have set up a chorus of "We Wish You A Merry Duckmas." As it stands, I'm untangling a robot kitten from a ball of yarn. Given it started life as accidental cross-contamination between a computer virus and some weird monster hologram that somehow infected the various toys I was picking apart and trying to construct a robot from, I'm sure the kitten is up to some kind of evil.

Evil that smells like citrus, apparently.

So, because I have too many secrets, and I really hate keeping 'em, Link! Congratulations--you get a special gift from yours truly!

...If I can figure out a way to teleport it to you. Hmm. I'm gonna need to set up a marker system of somet kind.

[In case it makes it over, it's a quiver, specifically designed to tag any arrows with a marker system for a teleportation program to recall any missed shots/prevent wasting arrows.]
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Why, what's wrong with looking up fanart of yourseee...

...eeeeeeegh I see what you mean.
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Weirdest of the weird, huh?
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Re: text;

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Not a bad place to be.