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[anon, text]


- Drop your character's or another's username in a comment. If your character would not submit their name ICly, just stick "submitted by the comm" in the title.

- If your character wants to go anon, just put [ anon ] on the subject line while replying to others.

- Feel free to add new categories for discussion.
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[anonymous, text]

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Yeah. But how in the hell am I going to stop either one of them from putting together a massive robot and stealing it? Even I want to do that!
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Changing my advice

Join them.

Obviously man come on you need us to tell you this?
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Re: [anonymous, text]

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Yeah, but they're both doing it separately. Competing.
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Beat both of those old timers and show them how the future steals its robots!
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You are the best anon ever.