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Kirishima Kano ([personal profile] ifbymyhands) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2014-01-20 09:38 pm

42. riveting recreation


Soooo, happy ducks. I figure it's about time we had some more fun around here again. And since Kyousuke's not here to go joy-riding around the multiverse with -- sorry, Yayoi, don't ban me from the library again! -- well, then, I want to play a game.

Anyone played Never Have I Ever?

Basically, everyone goes around this post posting things they haven't done. Then, if you have done one of the things someone else posted up, take a drink of... whatever you have on hand, I don't even care if it's water. Then respond to the thread it's for and we can count! Post your own stuff, too.

It's all in the name of community togetherness. Trust me!

(IC, game-canon version of the Never Have I Ever meme! As an example to look at, here's the last time we did this on the meme comm. This one's just game-canon instead of a meme, and it obviously won't be done with action tags, though Kano will encourage video tags to prove that people are actually drinking. Go forth and have fun!

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