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[Jin's typing away at a laptop in an abandoned warehouse. There are sounds of battle from outside.]

Okay, in retrospect? It was stupid to try to morph when J's infected with a virus, can't equip my suit, and will end up giving the whole damn thing to Enter. At least this whole setup I tried to get for Kirito is finally gonna come in handy.

[Behind him, J is approaching, moving roughly like a zombie.]

...And I'm gonna have to fight J now, aren't I?
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We gonna get to watch that fight?
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Well, it'd probably be easier for you to record the one you're in, huh? So I'll make it easy.
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[He took him seriously. Greed's going to need to take a minute to be dumbstruck that he's in the middle of a fight with a robot, but still obeying special requests for entertainment.]
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[If nothing else, Jin has an attentive audience, his eyes are on the screen pretty intently even if he's speaking off-handedly.]

Hey, think you can put the two fights together for a double feature?
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You're kinda popular today, huh?
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He stole your stuff? Auu! How does that work?

...I wanna help!
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Okay! Show me where you are on the map!

*She's already gathering odds and ends from all over. Is that a frying pan?*
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*She shuts off the feed. What follows is an agonizing couple of minutes, but she does arrive... if handfuls of 100-yen-store fireworks being flung in their direction are any indication.*

Auu... um... Hey! Over here!

*The door has been flung open to reveal... Yup, that's Makoto in a "uniform" cobbled together from other people's clothes, including a lab coat she's drawn a cat on the back on, a bike helmet, and the tackiest sunglasses you've ever seen. She dramatically takes them off and throws them aside. They bounce off the wall and scare the mice.*

I got the thing!

*Makoto pulls out... the remote control for that R/C car from the Thanksgiving drunken shopping spree. Which rolls out through the door and in Jin's direction, toting the spare charger.

She's very proud of herself.*
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Really? Awesome!

*She fumbles to put down the car controller and get the blaster again just in case. She may not actually know how to work it, but hey, she got here, didn't she?*

Watch out! There's a bunch of weird stuff going on outside, too.

*...Makoto you just shot the exit sign on the opposite side when you didn't even mean to put your finger on the trigger*
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Okay! I'll make sure no one else gets in here!

*She readies more cheap fireworks just in case.*
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That's that thing you made before, right?
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Auu. This day is really messed up. *scratches behind her ear* But now everybody's gonna fix it, right?
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Okay! This kind of stuff happens a lot.