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elloran ([personal profile] elloran) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2014-03-28 10:13 pm

poor choices

Dear Community,

I have a...friend who has recently fallen under the influence of someone unsuitable. Ever since they met and became close he's...changed. Become darker, somehow.

Once he was my mentor but now...I fear for him, and I fear that darkness and hedonism will take over his heart.

I know it is his choice who he loves and who he allies himself with, but...is it not my duty as a friend and a protegee to urge him against such a dangerous course of action?

I fear for what might happen if that...creature gets a hold of him. The whole Inquest might quake with what they could do together...

What should I do? Should I let him go, or urge him to reconsider?

[Is Elloran talking about Kefka? Actually no. But there's no way for the community to know that, is there?]

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