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[video, My Two Sides]

[There is a Jin.

Correction: There are three Jins.

There's our standard size, in classic white and gold.

On his right shoulder is a professionally dressed angel.

On his left? A more casually dressed devil.

And normal Jin is looking bored while contemplating a marshmallow Peep.]

So. I might have gone a little crazy this weekend...

Crazy? You mean INSPIRED.

Inspired? You are forty years old!

[Normal Jin and Devil Jin look at Angel Jin, offended.]



Chronologically, forty. [The other two roll their eyes.] You are more than old enough to behave like a professional.

What for? And turn out as BORING as Ryuji and Kurorin?

[Jin looks at his angel and devil.] Can you let me continue here?


[Devil sticks his tongue out at Angel.]

ANYWAY, so I went a little crazy-slash-inspired and bought fourteen boxes of Peeps. And I've kind of run out of things to do with them. I've saved some for Makoto and Yoko. I've done Peep jousting in the staff microwave. I've built catapults with the maintenance crew. I've tested the Buddy Machines' cooling and heating systems by seeing if the Peeps melt or freeze. And there's only so many I can throw at Hiromu's head to see if they trigger his chicken phobia before I get bored.

[Devil snickers. Angel glares at him.]

So. I need someone who can take about...six boxes of marshmallow birds.

One box each, please. No one should be eating that many marshmallows at once.

[Jin and Devil stare at Angel in horror.]

...I don't think I like you anymore.

You're stupid.

Oh, hush!

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